Surgery date

Well, found out a date for my clipping…May 30.

Some days are good and then others days it is all I can think about. I am relieved to have a date but just want it all over. Very scared about the whole thing and not sure how I will get through these next few weeks.

Guess it is just a waiting game now. Any advice on how to pass the time?

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

Hi Kim, I had about a two week wait before my stent and coil procedaure. So not as long of a wait as you have. What I did was I gave the situation to God and left it in his hands, and asked for his will to be done in my life. I decided to face it head on but not dwell on it. Tried to keep super busy, Got my house in order and I don't mean just cleaning it. Don't remember stressing that much. Other than my husband being out of state until the day before my procedure. Oh wait the basement flooded two days before. Haha! but I got through it God carried me. Next year it will my 5 year mark since the procedure. I know a man who had aneurysm clipping, he is about 68 and doing well, as well as a woman that had hers done twenty years ago and doing well. Anyway going to church and prayer really helped. So keep your self busy, spend lots of time with friends and family. Soon you will put this behind you! God Bless you, Jen

Kim, prayers for your treatment and overall health...please keep us informed...


HI some ways...I had such along wait from when my aneurysm was found until my surgery...Sept 12th found and surgery November 30th...I found myself in a bit of denial...other than adjusting to meds and some other medical problems...I did what I normally did...walked alot with the dog, cleaned, cooked, played golf, lunched, did things with hubby...etc., I had my moments...but I just enjoyed everything...figuring I would be laid up for sometime after surgery...and Guess what? I was...May 30th is 6 weeks away...enjoy some spring will monopolize enough of your life (aneurysm)...don't let it take every moment...Gotcha in my prayers ~ Colleen

wish you the best of luck i really feel like the waiting is honestly the worst part sometimes. whatever you do dont watch the surgery because it will not help you feel better lol my husband found this out the hard way, sometimes there are just things you dont need to see. other than that before his operation we mostly just tried to keep him busy with the kids or hobbies or whatever so he wouldnt have too much time to think about it. this seemed to help him alot. its also a great time to recruit help from family and friends for when you come home :)

Hi Kim,

The waiting and trying to stay calm and focused on the positive must be extremely hard to bare . I have just been listening to the wireless, there was a program on the BBC about stress & depression and how they have started to use meditation in the treatment of this illness, and it seems to me that it may be a very useful thing to learn, It must be great to be able to control your own mind and make it do what you want to and not let it run away with its self in times like your going through at the moment. I have an American friend who teaches yoga & meditation in Devon and he always seemed very relaxed and chilled out. I don't know whether this is something you would consider, may be away of passing a bit of time and prove a useful. Best Wishes John and Sue

Kim, just keep fostering "positive" thoughts and have great respect and confidence in your neurosurgeon. My annie was discovered in January 2011 and surgery wasn't until April 20, 2011. I continued to work up until the day before surgery - my co-workers were amazed and felt I should have stayed at home --- and do what - worry? Stay busy and keep your mind off the surgery. Our pryaers and hugs will be with you.

Hi Kim,

What everyone says is such good advice. This is an amazing group of folks! We are lucky to have found this site! I also feel meditation is very helpful, especially mindfullness meditation. It will help with the waiting. It is used in many hospitals. I found it very helpful for my awful headaches. I have a friend who taught me some techniques. Also, Pema Chodron, an American Buddhist nun and wonderful teacher has some guided meditations. I will try to find them.


Found it!!!

Thanks for all the great advice and kind words!

I have been busy at work so that is good. Getting out in the morning with our dog for a nice walk, seeing friends, and getting recipes for a big cooking spree to stock the freezer before surgery. We have also had family visiting and will have some more company soon so that keeps my mind off things. Plus, I have a one year old and a three year old so who am I kidding…they keep me busy, busy, busy! Hahaha.

A woman at work suggested meditation but I have never really tried it before. Maybe I will have to give it a try. And as for watching the surgery…I have this curiosity but decided it wouldn’t help and now I know for sure I won’t. The Internet is wonderful but can be terrible too…some information I do not need at my finger tips. :slight_smile:

Anyway, so far keeping busy and doing ok with the waiting. Going to start getting hard as it is approaching fast.

Take care and thanks again. :slight_smile: