2nd Clipping in two weeks

Hi all

Not been on for a while, so this is just an update really and a bit of a ramble .

I am due to have another craniotomy/clipping 5th September. I already have 2 clipped annies. This one isn't as big as others, it's only 5mm but its near a junction so could be a bit trickier. I'm feeling a bit of anxiety at the prospect of 'the recovery' again, it's been a long haul

Also so I am worried about sight issues I may have after, this one is behind my good eye the other has poor vision to start with!

hi Chris,

Good luck for the 5th, we will all be thinking of you then. I am sure you will do ok - it does indeed sound like you will be a world-leading expert in recovering from craniotomy procedures by the end of this one! Best wishes for a swift recovery,


Hi Chris! thank you for the update! Think positive and all will be textbook. keeping you in thoughts and prayers for the fifth and beyond~~


Thank you for updating us on your surgery date. I can imagine the anxiety you are feeling. You are in my thoughts and prayers for the surgery and recovery. I am also praying for your surgeon and his team. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing. You know how easily we can worry about one another. Take care my friend.

God Bless,

~ Carol


Wishes, hugs and prayers for your treatment and your recovery...


I will be praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

Hello Chris,

Ugh, the anxiety factor i'm sure is rather high right now for your pending surgery..In my experience with clippings, I do know that my first one and subsequent recovery was quite a bit more difficult to get thru then my 2nd clipping which occurred 12 years later...my 2nd clipping/recovery was quite a lot easier and I was driving within a week or so afterward. I'll be praying that you too have an easier time of it this time around, with no more of these pesky things in the brain down the road !

Peace, Janet

Thanks guys

I know it helps to know that others are thinking/praying for me.

I keep quoting Victor Hugo to myself "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise"

Hopefully this will be the last one, but then again a year ago one turned into two and then two into three.......

Reminds me of the fairground game Whack a mole. these moles pop out of holes and you hit them with a hammer, you get one and another pops up in another place :)

A week tomorrow!!!

Chris x

Prayers out to you for the upcoming clipping...~ Colleen

Hi Chris--- Your surgery is a day after mine. I will be praying for you and wishing you a speedy recovery. I am having a coiling and stent because they can't successfully reach the annie by clipping. May God heal you quickly and restore you sight!


praying you have a great procedure on Wednesday :)

bless you


You are very kind....thank you! I know with all the prayers going up to heaven I will be fine! I look forward to hearing from you after your surgery too!


Chris -- how are you doing today? Getting nervous I bet. I am but I am also so ready for tomorrow and it is a beautiful day today in Kansas City, Missouri and I am most grateful! I will be thinking of you and your surgery!


Hi Chris,

Hey surgery buddy. My first clipping is Sept 5th as well. I hope your clipping goes much better than the first. I will be praying tonight for a easy surgery and speedy recovery.


Bless you Sal!

I'm praying for you too I'll see you on the road to recovery


praying for you Jeannie :)

Will 'see' you soon


Hi Chris
It is oh so nice to find you!! How are you. I am inquiring about getting another clipping surgery. Can you advise me if you think it is wise to get another surgery
Ahh side effects.?

Thank you if you are able to text please text me 817-■■■■