Check in from Gaynor

Hi ya peeps,

Not been on for a while, been traveling a little and sorting stuffs, but just wanted to check in (before I went on the AWOL list, talking of Awol list how are you doing, Mrs Unique??? hahahaha) I'm offsie to Cancun today for the holidays but just wanted to Wish everybody A very Merry Christmas, a wonder New Year and Thoughts and best wishes that you all feel as well as you can today and even better tomorrow.

Best Wishes


Thanks Gaynor!! Have a safe trip and Merry Christmas to you!!


Hi Gaynor, Merry Christmas to you too hope you have a happy and restful trip, take care of you xxxx


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You about 1 week...I too will be AWOL for a bit...!

Cheers my a Healthy 2012 for All of Us...


im jealous...rainy n cold here in texas...have a very merry christmas n even better new year...prayers n love sent ur way....;)

Ahhh - too bad you're not going to Cabo - we could meet up! Have a fanrtastic trip - the water in so gorgeous in Cancun. And thanks for checking in before Colleen and I headed up a search party :)

Cancun?? Wow I wish I was off somewhere for the holidays, like going home!!

I am doing ok. The antibiotic they tried seems to have gone without a hitch. My stitches in my mouth are dissolving now so maybe by Christmas I can eat on both

I hope that you have a GREAT Holiday Season (((hugs)))

Stay warm & healthy


Mrs. Unique :-)

Hahahah Jaycie you are adorable...Have a Merry Christmas in Cabo...! and healthy New Year...!

Wonderful news Kimberley that you are still doing ok on antibiotic...

Nobody needs a miracle more than you this Holiday Season...

Happy Friday...! xoxoxoxox...Colleen

Gaynor...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and have a wonderful trip to Cancun...a friend of mine was there last month... excited for you and as green as a tree with envy!

Hugs and prayers for a grand and safe trip....


Merry Christmas to you...prayers have been met for your successful antibiotic; I am delighted for you on that start...

Hugs and Prayers,