I'm going to Mexico tomorrow


I've decided that I am going on my family's annual Mexico trip this year. I was really skeptical and scared about it - surgery was 8 weeks ago, and we're going to Cabo which isn't set up for big medical problems (or perhaps I should say SOLUTIONS to big medical problems!). But I've been feeling good for past 2 weeks, consistently, with no "blips" on the recovery screen. Am I still anxious - yes, very much so at times, but it's 8 days, my husband's whole family will be there, tons of fun for the kids to be w all the cousins, warm weather, usually see whales from the beach, beautiful hotel we always stay at - so I'm going despite the fears. I'm not going to let what I've been through alter my life if I can help it. So - please send good wishes and thoughts!!! I think that when I'm back, and can say I WENT TO MEXICO DESPITE MY ANEURYSMS I will feel really empowered and proud of myself.

Happy New Year!


Have a blast.

Happy New Year. lisa

Have a great time and you go girl. I think earlier I might have mention to you to stay close to home but I have been feeling better at least trying and I want to go to Cabo too some day. I hope your trip is the best ever. I know your family is very happy that everyone is together! Happy New Year!!! Light and prayers coming your way in Cabo!! Kim

Go and have a great time. We are happy for you. You going and having a great time will help others to see that just because they had a aneurysm their life didnt stop. Your life didn’t stop. You may be a little scared but once you have done it you will feel good about it. Have fun. Hey but not too much fun :slight_smile: Beth

Hola Jennifer,

Good for you!!! It is always a special time to be with Family. Myself I just got back from Jamaica. I had one week with my Family back east and then 8 days in beautiful Jamaica. I am one week away today from my surgery, and being away was the best medication I could have had. My husband wanted this for me, and I must say that I also was a little scared to go away that far, because of the reasons that you are thinking. medical care if I needed, but I was enjoying myself so much at the time, I did not think of the 3 aneurysms in my head, and I did not want fear to control me. We also stayed at a fantastic resort, that our room was right in front of the ocean, listening to the ocean was so calming. Just what the Dr. ordered, ha, ha. Be proud of yourself, and have a great time!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND GOD BLESS!!!!!!


A very Happy New Year...You are doing grandly with your ability to make this decision in 8 weeks...and GO...

Happy New Year...


Good wishes and have a blast!!

Hi all!

I did it - went to Mexico!!! Thank you for your good wishes and encouragement. I'm so glad I went, but am also so glad to be back. I'll write more later - but wanted to say hi and thanks. What a few months it's been....I never would've believed it...

everyone have a great day/night.


i am so happy you went too. Life does go on. looking forward to the update