Hippy Hoppy New Year

Wishing all my BAF friends, Survivors, careres and friends of the future

a Hippy Hoppy New Year, Good Health, continued recovery and much happiness for 2012 and beyond

Best Wishes as always

Gaynor x

You Too, Gaynor! Hope you had a fabulous time in Mexico!!! D

Happy New Years to you - don't forget the black eyed peas tomorrow for good luck through the next year (funny, I eat them every year and it never seems to work for me....)


To My Dear Gaynor...

A Very Happy and Healthy New Year...!

Whoop, Whoop...!

Cyber~hugs Colleen

Happy New Year Dana.... Mucho fabby time was had in Mexico...Gracias..... Continued recovery and happiness for 2012 x

And a very Happy New Year to you Sherri, Continued Recovery and much happiness for 2012 x

P. S. As for black eyed peas, are these not a pop group, excuse my british ignorance, but is this a USA tradition, if so the only group i'd consider eating is meatloaf .hahahaah


Happy happy and happy new year to you Gaynor from Italy…( I’m not sure I’m the only european guy in the Basf ).
Take care of you, ciAo, giovanni

To my Dearest peepette,

back atcha dolly......and mucho happiness and contentment in your new surroundings for you and yours, and may you continue with all your good work and may you be repaid by good health ( and the occasional choccie :)

As always Best Wishes

Gaynor x

Felice Anno Nuovo Giovanni,

And no unfortunatly I am not bilingual like most europeans but do know my way around google translator..... hahaha.

All the best for 2012 and beyond


Hippy Hoppy New Year to you as well Gaynor! May you find much health and happiness!