Hi ya peeps....just a little catch up gossip

Hi a peeps / peepettes, old, new and future friends,

Hope this catch up finds you all well and happy as can be, and if not feeling too good, hope you feel bettered up tomorrow. For those who are new, try not to be afraid, we are all survivors and here to prove just that. For those still in the first steps of recovery, patience, patience, and be patient, with yourself and those around, its a healing and learning process for all involved to embrace the new you.

Well, heres my gossip.... Not been around lately, Sorry but needed a little time out, noooo.... not for bad behaviour, but a little me time, decided in the New Year, I would do more stuffs, so threw myself back into the gym, and doing really well, no weights or straining, but back on the treadmill and elliptical machine and doing some Yoga, certainly not as strong and bendy as one would like to be but no longer feel like i'm about to snap in half. (or more to the truth, that my head was going to pop if I moved a little too quick, or bent a little too low) And the confidence that I really am doing myself more good than harm is finally kicking in. Yaaaaaay.... Wooooop! Wooooop! A huge weight of my mind, and hopefully a little off the scales.....

I also started volunteering at my daughters elementary school library, and love it. loadsa little peeps getting all excited whilst listening to stories is very endearing even to someone like me, Must stress that previous to annies, i was not known for my patience, nor love of lots of little peeps in one gathering (snow white musta been nuts hahaha...) and quiet organised places held little or no interest to me at all.
So for me to be enjoying my new found pastime is a little puzzling to those who know me well to say the least. Infact the latter part of my whole annie journey has many peeps more astonished than the fact that they even found I had a brain, never mind annie visitors.

"Did you hear Gaynor has aneurysm Thingymagigs, survived brain surgery, and to top it off has totally lost her mind and WORKS WITH CHILDREN IN A SCHOOL LIBRARY hahahaaha.

So there you have it, thats whats been going on with me lately, still getting a few headhurtys, and some days feel a little tired and sorry for myself, but nothing major, and doing more stuffs really is helping me forget at times i'm being monitored, just like to think of my self as a fulltime annie babysitter and as long as I do my job well, the little buggers will behave.:)

The End

Again my best wishes to everyone

Gaynor x

HI Gaynor...You my dear have been missed...but definitely thought of daily by me...Your sense of humor...well lets just say, I had me a good laugh this minute esp about being the "annie babysitter"...LOL...

I am glad this post finds you well...and that you are finding your limitations and your non ~ limitations..."organized settings"...<wink>

Update on me...well...today is a beautiful day and I am alive...I have health issues .. had them b4 the annie's, had them during annie's...mostly for me is adjusting to the migraines...I never had them before my coiling...

I have been in Florida the past month, enjoying the beautiful weather and being outdoors...

It is always wonderful that you check in with us from time to time...Gotcha in my Thoughts and Prayers everyday...Cyber~hugs Colleen


Hippy Hoppy Valentines Day sweet lady.

Hope your having a fabalicious time in Florida... Have mailed you so won't blah blah blah in this space.

Take Care my lovely


well Helllllo Young James,

You go Jim....always nice to hear of those giving back...I strongly believe that physical activity helps the mind, body and soul. so being able to give back as you do must be so rewarding.

I have been looking into voluntary work with the elders, special needs peeps, homeless, under privaliged the list of those in need goes on.

But get this, I am not allowed to offer my voluntary services to any kind of voluntary organisation, not even animal organisations as I am not a USA Citizen, do not hold a USA driving licenses or social security number, I cannot get passed the initial form filing without having any of the above....

But hey after a police check in the Uk to which I have not lived for the past 12 years, I am free to wonder in and out of a school wearing only a visitors badge with my name on it......How cool is that!

Oh well had my little rant for the day...... enjoy the rest of yours :)

Best Wishes


That IS ridiculous- about the volunteering--You know I could say alot more (!) but think it would be wise to leave it at---I agree-

I'm glad you are well and I'll get back to you later---

...xoxoxo D

Such BS Gaynor...! It is our loss in the US...

Hey Gaynor,

So happy to read that your doing so well and that life has taken ahold of you :-)

I loved your story of your new found daily life..LOL

Your humor is great don't lose it!!!!

Have missed you!!!!


Mrs. Unique :-)

Gaynor, a belated Happy New Year...so pelsed for you in all hat yo uare doing and adjusting to....

Blessings to you...


Hi Gaynor

Glad you are well and happy and still learning new things about yourself. Not all of our changes are bad, especially when they are an improvement to our behaviour. My husband says that is my biggest change in me as well - patience -, guess I didn't have many before the annie, but like I used to say, if God had of meant for me to have patients, he would have made me a doctor, lol. Stay well and continue to enjoy Gaynor, I miss you.


Hi Gaynor,

Your humor has always uplifted me and I have missed you being around! I am so glad to hear you are doing well and that you are in such good spirits as always! I love the "annie babysitter" saying, I'll have to keep that in mind when I'm feeling a little down about my watch and wait annie.
You, dear Gaynor, are an inspiration to us all!

Best wishes for continued healthy "you" time and the lil ones at the school (I am sure they too enjoy your humor!!!!)



Hi Gaynor, good to hear that you are doing so well and getting back into the swing of things. The fact that Texas schools will not let you volunteer is Crazy! I work at an elementary school and have responsibility for processing volunteer background checks -- if no driver's license we used passport, social security numbers are optional on the form. We really only check the background in the state-- If you were in MA, we'd welcome you to the school with open arms!

Parents often inquire about my surgeries and how I feel -- I know that I look great but need to tell them that sometimes I'm just not the same as I used to be but I need to learn to deal with the subtle changes -- life is good, I'm still here with my family and able to work, too. Good luck to you.

Go on D..... say it I dare you hahahahhaha.

This is how I know that there is definately a new me...cuz believe you me the old me would of said a hell of a lot more about it. Tee hee x

Bull shit ....Bull Shit.....Bull shit..... oops maybe there is a little bit of the old me left after all .....hahahaahah x

Hi ya Ms Unique,

Don't worry I shall never lose my sense of humour.. As I keep forgetting wot it is i'm trying to lose hahaha.

And you are the reason I keep coming back to check in. As I'd hate to be put on the AWOL list like a certain Lady I know hahahaha.

Talking of Memory....did I ever tell you I lived in Kista, Stockholm from March 2010 - July 2010,.. and belive it or not lived in the memory hotel, Kista.


Happy Belated New Year, Valentinesday, and whilst I remember Hippy Hoppy Easter Pat,

Love your posts, sooooo knowledgable and a whole heap of great advice and info everytime!

Best wishes


Hi ya Teddy,

What the wot!!!!!!! just had a looksie wots been going on with you lateley and either I've got it all confused or you've just had a coiling surgery. Blimmey Mrs that a bit of a shocka.. Ya kept that one quiet......Well done you for the speeedy recovery, hope you are feeling as great as you sound. And liking the Dr notion :)

Missed ya too x

Awwwwww Thanks Linda,

Its sooooo nice to know my ramblings are taken in the humour they are meant. often worry that others may not see the funnyside of things when times are not so kind.

Guess Im lucky that part of the New Me has learned to embrace the crappy cards we've been dealt and and I just happen to be the joker of the pack. and as my hubby tells me, I was a bit of a fruitloop before my Annies, I just now I have a better excuse...... As for the lil ones.....they can't understand my inglish accent n think I'm Mary Poppins....or woz is Nanny McPhee :0


Hi Arleen,

Sorry to confuse you. I am allowed, and pleased to say appreciated as a volunteer at my daughters elementary school in Texas, and yes they did a police, background check from my passport alone, took a time, but understandably so. My gripe is not at all with the school voluntary system. It is with the other voluntary organisations such as the old, the special needs peeps,underprivaliged, animal welfare groups, and the likes infact most of the organisations that advertise and beg for your money but don't want your free help....Surely if my backgound check by means of my passport is good enough to work with children it should be good enough to work with all others.

Oh well as it has been said....it is there loss not mine....;more time to get to enjoy the new me....

Best Wishes


Why would you want to forget the wot?...Haha!! Life would not be the same without it..LOL

Nope, you didn't tell me you lived in Kista. Why did you live there? Did you learn the language?...Hej! Hur mår du?..LOL...

As far as going AWOL ummm I think you of all people know that our friends know how too put together a search party!!! So it advisable to check in!!!! Right friends? :-)

I also think it's a little ironic that you stayed in the Memory hotel..lol

You mentioned that you have thrown yourself back in the gym (which I think is a good thing) so let me ask you have you every tried Zumba? I got it for my birthday and am planning on trying it after the next surgery..So excited to start strutting my stuff...hahahaha..(scary thought)

Keep in touch woman!!