Just popped in to say Hello

Hi ya peeps n peepettes,

Just popped into say hello and hope that all is well and happy with you guys, and those not feeling too good are feeling mucho bettered up very very soon!!!!

Well as some oldies may have noticed (thanking those who have inboxed me asking where I'd been), gave me a shove to check in , before I got the ol Kimberley AWOL postings hahaha... come to think of it, where is our Miss Unique ???????

As always had a quick looksie on the forum, and noticed straight away our very own BAF welcome angel, Colleen is still spreading the love and (angel dust) welcoming new friends) Can't express enuff, how this is appreciated by all newbies, and oldies alike.

Good to see some of Jim's provoking questions and as always encouraging many smiles , I always love the How Long Ago and How Old? as this really hits home that we are sooooo not alone and amongst many who just keep getting betterer and stronger with time, giving hope to those both new and old to the site. Well done James, your experience and wisdom and above all else commitment is commendable.

Loads of others I would like to Say Hi's to, Jaycee, Dana, Pat, Teddy, Princess, Giovanni, Linda, John n Sue, to name but a few......

To Reader. please skip next para if you have no interest in my opinion of the BAF Exercise Challenge....

I just love, love, love, the new BAF exercise challenge thingy...Did I mention I love it ! And I'm figuring its down to Carole G, well done you! and if anyone else is involved big hats off to you too. I really feel this was something that the group was missing and is a tremendous addition to what is already a fab site. Infact in my opnion the bestest there is:)

Okay so I'm loving it for selfish reasons as I'm sure some of you oldies, ( said in a term of endearment of course) may remember my biggest fear was getting back into an exercise routine, and altho I was grateful for all the replies and support for my ongoing fears, I always went away with the same questions, who actually did what? How often? whether the advice came from those with wait n watch annies, or clipped or coiled.

Welllllll, thru this Exercise group the answers are there without having to bombard individuals with questions, or feel you are second guessing, just have a little looksie at what peeps are doing.

Okay so I realise I must stop at this point and say, I know we are all different, and what is okay exercise for some may not be okay for others and ask your own doctor what exercise is right and safe for you, and we cannot give medical exercise advise to each other blah, blah, blah!!!!!, which is not what you guys are doing but by blogging your work outs, no one is recommending anything just sharing, and here's the thing, from a personal view I truly feel more comfortable reading personal experiences or learning what others are acheiving who are in the same or similar journey than any professional textbook advice.

And not to mention the fact I feel that it totally encourages peeps to keep up with exercise when sharing with others....

Okay enuff already on the whole exercise thingy, but credit where credit is due!!!!!!!!

P.s you can see nothing changes, give me a word, I'll write you a book...tee hee

Oh well with that said I shall close now as I am surrounded by suitcases I have yet to empty and packing boxes which are not about to pack themselves,

Just returned from vacaation in Cancun, and house move this weekend, 2nd since my coiling in April 2011, so guess that in itself answers a few questions, Yes i'm feeling great, Flying and vaccations are no worry at all with coiled or watch n wait annie, still no alarms going off thru metal detectors, altho my 9 year olds bleep, bleep, bleeping routine as I go thru, still causes a few warning looks from security, no problems with headaches during flights either way.

Able to organise and move house, states without getting too stressed out, as I've said before, I am actually more calm and layed back post annie's than prior, which in itself is a blessing in disguise, ask my Hubby :) So all in all feeling pretty good, life is pretty much back to normal just added annie babysitting duties to my daily routine.

Oh well as I said busy, busy, busy......

Best wishes to you all :)


hi gaynor-thanks for posting- such wonderful news-bless your heart-your positive spirit is shining bright-nice to make your aquantenance-have a great weekend and get some R&R-i'm exhausted reading of your recent activities-phheeewww!!

Gaynor! Hey, you......Glad that life is treating you well---Did you move from Tx? ...you always make me smile! Tak Care--Dana

Hey you, :) ,

soooo glad to read all is good with you, and wooooop wooooop, not using the stick as much, like I said before yours wasnt a grade V, it was a V for victory.!!!!! and just from the little I know you, knew you would be an inspiration on the BAF Excercise challenge/ blog ........

Mwaaaaaaaaa x

Hi Gaynor,
Thanks for your good words about the exercise challenge.

It’s great to know that you are well and to learn that your recovery is going so well, Thanks be to God.

Take care.


Thanks Carole,

always good to pop in and say hello, n how the devil ra ya to the crew, but had to give a big thumbs up to the exercise challenge, this was my biggest challenge when i joined the group only a mere 14 months ago, post coiling and living with a 2nd watch n wait annie, not even thinking i could return to my pre-annie life, never mind do physical activity to retain a healthy lifestyle wot we do to help our selves is always a big plus with me....... and like i said, where credit is due ....!!!!!!...

Best Wishes

Gaynor x

Best Wishes


HI Gaynor...Hope all is well, thanks for the update...~ Colleen

Hi Gaynor,

It's good to hear that your getting on so well and busy by the sounds of things, are you moving very far this time, i can feel the energy coming through the computer screen as i am reading if you can bottle some of it could you send it this way please. Sue is recovering slowly ,still a fair way to go though but we are moving forward thats the main thing. Best Wishes for the move John & Sue

As always, love reading your words (books!) hahaha. You have been missed and hopefully we will never have to do another AWOL posting for you or Kimberly!!!! LOL

Glad life is treating you well, and hope your move is going (or gone) smoothly.

You really need to let us all know your thoughts on the BAF exercise challenge though (hahaha)!!

Take care and don't wait so long between posts!!



Your book was very interesting reading Gaynor..LOL

So happy to see that your keeping yourself busy and busy.. :-)

If you look around I am still here but like many other's it's summer time (somewhere). Been spending as much time out in the nicer weather.. This time of the year we have light 24 hours so you lose track of time. Back in Michigan you always know when it's night time, here you never know until winter is on it's way..You take advantage of it while you can before it becomes almost 24 hours darkness.

I am sooooooooooooo happy to hear that traveling is not a problem for you :-)

I am off to see my plasic surgeon today then a quick run into the neuro and infection specialists to ask if I might be able to take a trip to England. It's only a 2½ hr. flight from here. Keep your fingers crossed for me :-)

Moving huh? Better you than me..LOL...I have spent months trying to just get rid of stuff I have not used in years, that I am finding is a never ending job. All the kids move out and for some reason do not take all their stuff with them, I personally thinking charging for storage should be a required thing to do after a certain age..LOL..Hmmm I wonder what the kids would do if they received a bill in the mail once a month for storage charges..(probably as me to store it for them)...hehehe

Well GREAT to see your doing so well...Keep in touch!!!


Mrs. Unique :-)