Chance of Recurring Aneurysm after clipping

Hi All, I am 8 months removed from having my aneurysm clipped. I actually suffered a SAH before surgery. I am just wondering what are the odds of having developing another aneurysm. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jameel,

You beat the odds on your first SAH. Live life and only worry if you are experiencing unusual symptoms, and keep seeing a Neurologist you enjoy.

I am 10yrs. post clipping procedure. I think on this site I have read that we have a 20% chance of having another one. I like everyone else worry about that. Just know that having had one annie you are so much more aware of any crazy symptom you may have and know to get to a doctor if the symptoms don't go away. I had a TIA before mine was found. Your neurologist will let you know about test he can do to look for any more. There are people on this site who are living with untreated, unruputred annies. As time goes by you will worry less. Arm yourself with knowledge because you are your best advocate when it comes to treatment if you should ever have another one. Try not to worry too much, and enjoy living.

Hi one can answer this question...Hope you continue healing...and like Ed says..."Live Life..."

Thank you everyone for your responses. It is extremely tricky because like many I did not have have any symptoms prior to my SAH. I am still dizzy 8 months after surgery but my doctor believes it is attributed to post traumatic stress. Had an MRA/CTA 3 months post clipping and everything was perfectly fine. The dizziness worries me. Feels like I am walking on a boat or the floor is sinking.

Now dizzy I can understand...Jameel I am suffering from that since my my coiling has compacted, letting blood feed my Doctor attributes the dizziness to my brain...however, to be on the safe side I am going for balance and hearing tests in December...I feel for you...I get that same thing the floor is awful and scary...

Would the Annie have to be re-coiled? Do you think the Annie is causing your dizziness?

In alittle less then 2 years Doctors will decide on recoiling and/or other options...not sure at this point...I wanted it done now, if that was the case and they told me too much trauma to my brain, all my settle down...before any decisions are to be made...I had a complication, Doctors tore my parent accident...

Neurologist thinks my balance issues and dizziness are coming from the aneurysm because mine is on the basilar artery ... close proximity to balance, etc., however, not 100% sure, but after the upcoming tests, I guess we will know... Colleen

Oh wow…could also be a vestibular disturbance as well


hi Jameel! 16-20% for annie patients according to this article & Dr. Germanwala of UNC- I researched and im not happy with those numbers but like the others said don't worry.

Hi Jameel, I was told by my neurosurgeon that if you are over 50 you won't develop another one and that all their test history has proven that. I don't know how old you are but since I'm 53 he told me I was cured. I am trusting him on this as he is one of the top neurosurgeons.

Hi Valerie…I am 23 years old :frowning:

I don't know the stats for your age but don't look at it in a bad way, be glad you're 23! There's so many more positives than negatives Jameel. Research is always changing and improving things too.

dizziness can be from the rupture and may be around a while.

thank you thank you valerie- i was worried hearing the stats but im 55 so im off the hook. God bless you & yours!

I was 23 too I am now 34 went for another scan last year no more there I have had two children naturally since the rupture and clipping of a second aneurysm and we are all fine. My advice would be just be happy and live your life.

WOW…that just made me feel A LOT better!! You are blessed

bless you too Ron! Being over 50 is a good thing after all!

i was told the dizzy comes from blood around the brain at the time of rupture.