2nd Surgery

Went to see my neuro for a second MRI and checkup since my clipping in Sept. 2010 and he told me I now have to have a second surgery. When I was diagnosed they told me I had 2 annie’s but that one was small and stable and could be watched and we’d “wait and see.” Now he’s telling me it has to be coiled. While I’m profoundly grateful I don’t have to have another clipping (frankly, I don’t know if I could do that again), I’m still dealing with extreme fatigue from the first damn surgery and can’t imagine how I’ll be after a 2nd one. I do have to wait until Oct 2011 b/c you can only take FMLA leave once per year but I am SO FRUSTRATED. I vacilate between anger and profound sadness b/c I feel like it’s never going to end. I already struggle with feelings of being irreparably damaged and physically vulnerable and a 2nd surgery is not what I need right now. Again, I’m grateful it’s coiling, not clipping but I’m having a hard time seeing anything else postitive right now. I know I should be grateful just to be alive, but how long can that be the pinnacle of gratitude? Sorry to be such a bummer but I am where I am…

Hi Jennifer:

So sorry to hear your news. Why the change in their decision to watch and wait? I certainly hope coiling will be easier on you than the clipping. From what I read here it sure sounds like it's the better option for recovery. At least they're getting it before a rupture. I know what you mean about anger and sadness but you are alive and you'll get through this! I'm so glad I found this site. Seems unless you're going through the emotions of finding out you have an aneurysm (let alone having to have treatment for it), you can't relate.

I will pray for you. Know you're not alone in this journey.


Hey Jennifer,

I am sorry to hear what you are dealing with right now. It's not so easy to say all the time that you should positive that I truly understand. We are allowed to have our time to have a little pitty party. Keep your chin up, (think positive :-) ) and remember we are here for you. I do believe that here is the one place we never have to say I am sorry, so be a bummer if it helps you. Many cyber hugs )(