Clipping complications?

Hi there. I have an unruptured aneurysm that I’m having removed by the clipping surgery soon. My question is if anyone has had a situation where there were complications. I’m concerned because I’m recovering from SAH caused by what a cervical injection that was supposed to be routine but went horribly wrong. I don’t totally trust doctors anymore. I have come across stories of the aneurysms returning or the clipping not working, does anyone have info on this?

I had my 7mm clipped 6 years ago.I am glad I did.Im actually more scared to get them coiled.A clipping is a permanent fix.My surgery went well and I was home 4 days later and back to work 2 months later.Now there are other sideaffects from the yearly scans.I have neuropathy because of all the cerebal angiograms but am learning how to deal with it!But I would never not do the surgery!! Its amazing what these surgeons can do!