Brett michaels

Not sure if I am posting this at the right place. I just heard on the radio Brett Michaels from Poisen, has suffered a massive rupture. He is in ICU with a sub arachnoid hemorrhage.
This comes a few days after Miss teen Hawaii passed away from a rupture.
There needs to be more screening and publicity for aneurysms.

I heard this too Joni. I am thinking about him and praying for him. I did not hear about Miss Teen Hawaii. So sad and I am sure you will agree this news always hits so close to home. I definately agree that increasing awareness could save lives. Take care and keep us posted if you hear any updates.

How sad for Miss Teen Hawaii!! As for Brett Michaels, apparently he is “awake and chatting” now.

We agree!

I too heard this during work today and was floored to hear he was in intensive care and they were unable to find the hemmorage site - so is the news now that they have managed to stop the bleeding? He is my favourite on the Apprentice show and was in total shock to hear this news today. I too will pray for him the same as so many people prayed for me 2 years ago. God Bless from Montreal Quebec Canada.

so many are misdiagnosed and the right tests are not given to detect an anny,my sympathys go out to the young girl who passed…and prayers to brett to recover…we had a girl in my city…mesquite texas…she was only 19 and had just given birth to a baby boy one month prior to succombing to a brain anyerism and now they have discoverdd her little baby has two brain tumors…God help this little angel…and with the help of his mother looking down on him from heaven he can overcome this and be a healthy lil boy…God bless…

There HAS to be more screening…so MANY OTHER thinks are screened. PUBLIC info ALSO MUST be available. My docs thought nothing of my migraines…just added more pills…Here in ‘assisted living’ I put myself to bed & leave a note to leave ME alone… My mother ignores it…& SHE is such a NEGATIVE person.

Is this becoming epidemic??? So many young people are dying from these things. Unbelievable…and so very, very sad…peace and light to all of you… : )

The medical field is becoming much more interested in learning about every thing BUT the brain. The brain controls the every thing about a person. EVERY thing. ONE out of FIFTEEN of DIE from annies & thats higher than a stroke.

Goodness, science knows more about OCEANS & WEATHER than PEOPLE,

I agree should be more concern for this illness. It is to serious not to take in consideration.

I agree-but like my doctora told me there are no warnings and no one can explain why ppl have them so says it’s from stress and some say it does not-… before i got sick me and my boss was talking about what could possibly be wrong …an a aneurysm DID NOT cross our minds-

OMG are u serious???!!! Yea I don’t think that CAT really show anything but MRI’s do- everytime i went to the er a CAT was done-not MRI

AMEN. Actually I think screening should be REQUIRED for EVERY one like some shots, etc. are. Yes, we pay PLENTY into Social Security & other means to cover people who can’t afford it. Yes I also posted below, but have given even more thought to it. I had migraines for YEARS & ALL doctors did was keep me ‘doped up’ on different pills. NOT a ONE of them thought to ‘investigate’ & were not educated about ‘annies’ … I would NOT be in an ‘assisted living’ @56 with people in their 70’s had I been screened. I am widowed & even so the expensive has cost my entire family. (Yes 1951. 9 Dec) I pray everyday for the people I read about on this site & ‘annies’ everywhere. ‘Annie’ does not ‘favor’ one race/gender/or age.

I just love Brett Michaels and I pray everyday and everybody that has this aneurysm. I"am so thankful they found mine through going and having several test it was found by a misstake. I do agree on having screening done on everybody this would save lives, I had my surgery and it has been a month now doing pretty good but yesterday it was real bad headaches and not doing so good I go into the Dr to see himon Dec2 I too agree on having more screening done for aneurysm, there are so many people out there that has this that don"t know it. I"am truely blessed.

I agree, As advanced as medical science is SUPPOSED to be…You’d think they would know more about the brain. Instead we know more about outer space and the depth of the sea.

I still have headaches, but as I have typed on this site before, I have also learned my ‘triggers’ I just can’t always avoid them. So I PRAY.