I know I am a Miracle!

Hey Everyone! Thank you for accepting me. I found this site June 2011. Decided to join after finding Brain Aneurysm Survivors page on Facebook. So, here's my story:

I have had headaches and migraines since my teen years. My mother's mom did too, but not my mom, she got blessed there. I just thought it was hereditary to have headaches. For about two yrs or more maybe, I have looked up on the net my symptoms... everytihng that came up was "brain tumors", "brain aneurysm" and "migraines". Well, I took it that I had migraines. No way did I have those other two ailments!

Well on May 10, 2011, I was proved wrong about that. I don't remember waht happened, or 2 days after that. My husband, Dave, tells me that I got up between 4 am, and @ 5:45 am I came in to the bedroom and woke him up, telling him that I was sick, I didn't feel good, and my head was killing me, and to take me to the hospital. He said I fell down at the foot of the bed, I was soaking wet with sweat and had a towel wrapped around me. I hadn't gotten in the shower yet. He called for a ambulance and I fell down at the coffee table in living room trying to get to bathroom to dress myself. I couldn't do it all myself so he helped me. I had been vomiting all over the bathroom. The ambulance got there and I fell down at the doorway trying to tell them I didn't need a bed, I could walk down the steps for them. (that was silly of me) Got to the E.R. and they wanted a cat scan, and I told them I didn't need a "sat san", Dave tells them this is the 1st time I had slurred speech. So they did the scan and saw that I had blood on the brain, in the subarrachnoid sac. Told Dave, and said it had clotted off, but it looked like a ruptured brain aneurysm. They took me to Jackson, MS, a larger hospital there and better equipped cuz I live in a small town. They ran test, coiled my RBA. Was there 1 wk & 1 day. They thought I was doing really well and sent me home. That next evening I couldn't talk well, no words were coming out, it was just a noise and had to give the phone to Dave and acted like I just had to cough or clear my throat. I was scared and didn't want to scare him, so I didn't say what was wrong. It happened again at my mom's house, she was washing my hair for me and I was bathing, and I couldn't lift my arm and more noises were coming out of my mouth with no words. It didn't last long, niether did the 1st time, just a minute or two. After my bath, it happened again when I tried to brush my wet hair. Dave called the doc. & he said if it happened again, take me to E.R. It happened that next day while trying to talk to my lill brother on the phone. So, we went to E.R. and they sent me back to Jackson hosp. I stayed for 2 more weeks. These huge pills, nemotopes, I think, was making me puke, so they had to needle prick the capsules and squirt them down my throat to stop the vasospasms. They 1st thought that I wouldn't have any vasospasms, that's why they sent me home after one wk. So I'm home, spent 3 weeks in hosp. and haven't gone back yet. I'm a walking talking miracle! I smoked before, but got out of hospital and haven't picked up another one! Shame it took THIS to make me stop. I am so blessed and thank God everyday! My husband has been a blessing, he's a wonderful man. My family is supportive too. But not like him! I believe it was all of the prayers for me and of course my Lord that saved me!

Michelle, Yes you are a miracle. God has great plans for you. Welcome and continued health to you.


Thanks so much, Joanne!! Yes indeed, He does have plans for me. Glad to know I'm not alone thru this journey!

Wow what a story! You are a true survivor! God Bless you for what you have gone through and for quitting smoking! I too was a smoker, but since my annies were discovered on May 25, 2011, I have not smoked since!

Best wishes for your in your journey and God Bless!


Dear Michelle

You are a blessing, we all are as survivors. I got goose bumps after reading your story. It took me back to a time i have blocked from my mind. I also had a ruptuted aneurysm, July 16, 2011, on my husbands birthday. I pray that your recovery is good.

I think most of us on this site feel very blessed...

We are so happy to have you apart of the BAF family...!

Thank you Linda, so glad you quit too! I hope you're doing well. This is still fresh to you too, isn't it. Wasn't too long ago to me. Then sometimes, it's like yesterday.

Gina, what a way to spend your husbands birthday! Yours is still kinda new too. wow, aren't we something! Thanks so much, I pray for all of us too!!

Thanks, Colleen!! I appreciate that! I'm happy to be here and a part of your family!

I really got caught up reading your story. I feel grateful to all those out there who know what the right care is needed and see we get there - like going to the larger hospital. I didn't have such a scary experience. Take care MJ

Hey Mary Jo, Hope you are doing well. Sorry it has taken me ALL of this time to get back here and read your message. I need to get it set up to my email I guess. I've been more busy in some other forums. I really do need to come here more often!

congratulations on your miracle!! that is so awesome- words cannot describe. Thank you for writing this inspiring account of your horrible ordeal,i'm so happy you have great support- thank God most people realiize the gravity of our situation & that God is in their hearts and they're happy to help us! i also believe i was saved for a reason and everything happens for a reason! i am 3 yrs post sah. Glad your here with us! God bless you & yours! oh yea- good job quiting smoking-thats awesome! ps- how are you now? 100% i pray!

Wow! Just read your story, you are so blessed! Amazing! How are you doing now???

Hello Michelle you have been through alot and pulled through it all, I'm happy for you.

Yes you're blessed.

Glad you stopped smoking.

Nikki xx

Hey Ron, thank you SO very much! You are quite welcome, I didn't mind telling my story, it gets easier with time. Yes indeed, God is a must in our family and we are all blessed. I believe as you do, EVERYthng happens for a reason... we just don't always know why, we just roll with the punches! and do our best. WOW, three years for you, must be some getting used to I guess. I'm doing ok. I have short term memory loss, drives me insane! Words I want to use don't come to me at times, I have SHORT temper, stay tired, tire easily, just the normal stuff with this kinda thing, I guess. Thanks for asking! Glad you are still here too, God bless you!!

Thanks a lot, Phylis!! Yes, SO blessed! So I don't retype it all, I just replied some stuff to Ron that's going on. I still get headaches out of this world, lots of ice pick pains and throbbing, hurts to bend over , my head almost feels like it is in a really tight helmet with somebody sitting on it! lol, don't know how to describe that. And like I have a blood pressure cuff on my neck, so I get dizzy spells too. It comes and goes though with good days and not so great days. Thanks for asking, I appreciate that.

Hey Nikki, thank you! Yeah, stopping smoking was a no brainer, lol! I had been praying for years to stop, but almost about 4 months before the rupture, I really was working hard on it. Begging the Good Lord to just take away my WANT for a smoke. I had been smoking for 27 yrs and I was only 40 when it my head blew up. TOO many years smoking, SO be careful what you ask for, right! haha! No, I am thankful for my 'warning' from God, and I know I had asked for it for a long time!