Anyone with headaches constantly

I had a headache that wouldn't go away. After countless doctor appts, the eye doctor, chiro, and family doctor and almost 14 days of horrible head pain my family doctor gave me the number of a nero clinic at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. 20 days of massavie migrane Iowa City did a MRI and found my brain aneurysm on my right side on my carotid artery. I had 7 coils and a stent placed on June 25, 2009. On June 28,2009 I had a stroke before leaving the hospital. I know have a contast headache and the doctor says that it is not from anything that I have had done. Does anyone else have constant headaches after their coiling and stent placement?

Have the headaches been constant since you came home from the hosp in June 2009?

Oh Yes...My Neurosurgeons told me that after my coiling ... I will find I will have headaches for about 6 months...they (coils) are foreign material that body is adjusting to...I had my coiling on November 30th after a few months sick...and like you terrible headaches I never had annie was 9mm in the basilar tip...anyways...the headaches were everyday for the first couple of months...the last month I have averaged about 2 a they are improving...not to mention, as soon as, I feel a headache coming on ... I take my ferocet right away and can get rid of within 24 hours...

Be sure to let your Doc's know...and see if they can recommend medicine and lots of rest will help...

Wishing you better days...this is a long journey...Healing Thoughts your way...Colleen

had mine done jan 22 2010 still have it

Ask your Doctor if he will let you try a antidepressant like Pamalor. It helps reduce the neuronal electrical activity. I didn’t want my wife to take it (she had a clipping surgery in 1994) but it could be helping her migraines. One of her triggers is a combination of high humidity with windy conditions from a Westerly direction. We had that combination this morning and a bad headache was developing but it did become more muted as the day went along. She also takes Maxalt 10 mg which is a migraine abortive medication. Prior to taking Pamalor, this weather condition would have started a three day severe migraine. It didn’t happen today thankfully.


I am so sorry to read that your headache has been so long. How long were you kept in the hospital after having the stroke? I always wonder why some are told that headaches do not relate ... so often headaches are the initial symptoms that prompt testing / diagnosis before treatment; and, for those blessed...before ruptures.

I do not have massive headaches; definitely a sense of pressure; like a balloon that has had one puff more than needed... more noticeable when I lie down and arise.


Yes I have had headaches ever since I came home from the hospital in 2009

I have had numerous testing MRI,MRA,Lumbar Puntures, CT Scans, and everything shows no signs of anything. I have been on so many different medications. I recently have been diagnosed with Raynards Disorder which is where my fingers and toes go completely numb and turn white. Never had this problem before my annie.
Just to answer the question above I was only in the hospital a few hours after my stroke they released me after a CT Scan. I am so thankful my doctors that saved my life but feel so frustrated now, that I feel like I am a total crab to my family because I’m always in pain. So now I try to just stay away from everyone.

katrina howdy,

i can so relate to what u r going currently taking loritab for headaches as needed,,which isnt all the time but when it happens i too have to withdraw myself from my hurts my heart, but thank God they understand..i also have a 2 yr old grand daughter which makes me work harder to bite the bullet and not go to my room everytime my head helps alot that she is such a sweet baby..hehe..i pray for u to find a remedy for your headaches so you can enjoy the company of your family...take xare n God bless

I get headaches sporadically-when the weather changes it is worse. I just tend to withdraw, too, when it is bad. The fatigue is as bad as the headaches.

Katrina, I am confused...

You note coiled 06/25; were you kept in the hospital until 06/28; or, go back in because of symptoms of the stroke? Do you remember the symtpoms that were the reason for the CT?

yes…yes…yes…9 months since my large annie on my left side carotid behind left eye…mine had leaked and I suffered a stroke,they coiled and stented and tried to coil again without success the second coiling…i have horrid headaches 5 days a week…at least…the disability Dr. said it is depression…but they found a cluster of abnormal cells in my brain that my records say can be causing the "cluster"headaches…now I have to have another procedure tomorrow morning due to my symptoms getting worse…they say the annie cannot cause the headaches…look at the stories on this site…we all have them…we all have annies…and…we can’t all be crazy…someone needs to do more studies and check into these issues…I THINK THEY ARE WRONG!!!

I strongly agree. My annie is on the right carotid artery and since the coil and stint of it, I have headaches (and I never had headaches before my annie) sporadically on and off every day and if the weather changes it can be worse. If I become to hot or to cold-just sudden changes can bring them on. The fatigue is crazy, if I do something physical for a couple hours I can come home and sleep for four hours. If I become fatigued it is hard to think clear if I have to stay awake-very hard to explain.

Thank you the Doctors make me feel like I’m crazy. I think that you are right to that they need to do more testing/studying. I am going to try physcial therapy today in hopes that this might work. I hate taking medication so I hope this works.

go to a different dr…find one that satisfies ur patient needs…good luck sweety

woooohoooooooooo the more i read this forum the more i feel normal :) , knowing that headaches are common for us annie sufferers is a blessing.I just had a thought when reading this,it seems more common in woman than men,could it be a hormonal thing? and could it be because we know about them we enhanse the sensation of the headache? our brains magnify pain?,im 6yrs post last crainiotomy, have 5 annies 12 clips and still another 2 too be fixed.I found out via the big bang.

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I’ve definitely noticed a correlation between nasty headaches and getting my period - it’s been worse in the past year (aneurysms diagnosed in Oct 2010). I’m in the middle of a nasty 3 day migraine right now - but neurologist and neurosurgeon don’t feel it’s aneurysm related - I do have a history of migraines. BUT, I also obviously have a history of aneurysms too…they were diagnosed in oct 2010 but who knows how long they were there before diagnosis? I’m lucky they didn’t rupture

I really do agree with the majority here. I find it to be an extremely high coincidence that most of us had headaches which lead us to seek medical help in the first place! I was not a headache suffer, no history. My balance was off, a lot was going on physically. Finally, primary orders ct scan, bingo …8mm aneurysm located on my right middle cerebral artery. This took almost 2 months of misdiagnosis etc. Had craniotomy Feb 3-11. Any headaches that I do have are NOT the same type of headache I had been experiencing before surgery. They are very different kind of headaches and head pain. I agree that there is not enough information or something out there and the Docs are so QUICK to say…all of this stuff you are going through, nope…not related. Funny, those symptoms are now GONE. Its very frustrating for sure. Im still recovering and head pain and headaches do happen. I’m very very fatigued. Im now having sleeping problems as well. The fatigue has been ongoing though since the surgery.