Any ideas?

So my neurosurgeon wants me to see a neurologist for my memory loss issues and my bobbling head. My ? is what kind of neuro dr is that? Just a neurologist? I so not want to go and see or pay for a million dr copays. I have enough bills coming in lol. can anyone help n tell me? I did leave a message for him however this is the dr that works out of the hospital and does not have an office (he works for the hospital.)

Hi VJ,

A Neurosurgeon is a hands-on surgeon, he directly does clippings and other brain and spine surgeries..(A RadioNeuroligist does things like the endo vascular coilings, PED's...typically) and a Neurologist handles things related to Dementia/Alzheimers, memory related issues, ...Parkinsons Disease.. headaches ..but usually not surgical interventions . I know that my 1st NeuroSurgeon who did my 1st clipping in 1998 was so exclusively devoted to surgeries that he wouldn't even prescribe me blood pressure meds and said his area of expertise was so specialized that he just wasn't comfortable in doing so-which totally blew me away--hence, I never got the needed RX for blood pressure pills as I was without insurance and had no extra money for OTHER doctor visits. ... Crazy ! (and irritating !)

Hi VJ...everyone is Different...but I see both ... Neurologist and a Neurosurgeon...It is truly my Neurologist that helps me with all the problems that relate to my coiling ... I think it may be good for you to see him/her...

I don't know what a Bobbling Head is, but I think I may have seen one ... in house of someone who is a sports fanatic...~ Colleen

Thank you all for your replies. I think I have found a neurologist Now I just need one of my neurosurgeons to give me a referral as they won't see anyone without it.

My bobble head.... My head bobbles when i have a bad headache the worst the pain the more my head bobbles. (My kids and hubby think it is funny cuz I look just like a toy bobble head)