Please help

I called Cleveland Clinic to make appt. The person I talked to was not very understanding. Told her I wanted a surgeon. She gave me an appt. with a dr. in diagnostic radiology-neuroradiology. NOT a surgeon. I want to see someone that can give me an opinion on clip and coil. Can this dr. do this? I really don't want to make appt. I don't need. My appt. was scheduled for Aug. 2nd. Want to know if I should keep this appt. or call and get one with a surgeon. Thanks

Hi Deanna...I went to the University of Florida...and they took on my case and I met with both at the same time...Neurosurgeon and Neuroradio surgeon...I want to help you out, but I had a Neurologist from another University who handed my case to University of Florida...and together both Doc's decide the best plan for each individual case...

I think you should be able to call back and ask for an appt with a Neurosurgeon...and tell whoever is non~understanding that you want to see a Neurosurgeon... you are paying for this and should get the person you need to see...Did the person say why they want you to see this particular Doctor?

Wish I could be more help...Colleen

Thanks Colleen, Youdid help me. The person I talked to just didn’t seem to know what she was doing. My records were sent to their department and she couldn’t find them. Told me I needed test I have already had. Was on the phone with her for 30 minutes. I will be calling them again in the morning. I told her I had a brain aneurysm and she said this is the type of dr. I needed.

Hi Deanna~

I had a ruptured annie and was transported to University of California Medical Center (UC Davis Med Center) for emergency evaluation and surgery. The diagnostic radiology unit worked with the neurosurgery unit an in my case they felt the most immediate and best treatment, and least invasive treatment, was through the radiologica unit for a coiling procedure. I probably am not listing the correct names of the departments, but bottom line is they work together with the ER docs, and other staff and decided which was best method to treat based on the condition I presented in.

I am grateful for the wonderful treatment I received that night and at all follow up appointments since, and also am very glad that I did not undergo a clipping which would have required the surgery through my skull.

Just another perspective, you situation may be different from mine, but just didn't want you to think that the surgeon was the only answer.

Hi Deanna...keep us posted..

It is not odd for another facility to want you to go through tests again...this happend to me...University in Tampa did scans with dye...and had to have them done again at University of Florida...I was told ... Doctors at one facility prefer their tests to another...perhaps it has to do with the many lawsuits in US...not sure...

I am glad you are calling back...and I am praying right now you get someone who knows what they are doing...Hugs Colleen

Hi Colleen,

Just got off the phone with CC. Still have no answers. Blood pressure is up. Husband is going to call. They had me talk to a nurse. She did not answer my question. But asked me questions and from my answers she told me to go to ER. I said that's fine now what about my question? She said go to ER and call me tomorrow. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it soooooooooooooo hard to get my simple question answered?

Ah is like that everywhere...Customer service seems to be last on the list in the United States...

Why ER? Although ... you do need to stay calm ... no High BP...hope you are on meds for BP... Good thing Hubby is tend to get answers....another problem in the US...oh Sorry Deanna just want you don't want to hear...huh...?

Gotcha in my prayers...Colleen


Nurse asked me some questions about symtoms. Tingeling on right side of face. ringing ears and a sensation I have on hands and arms. It feels like I have a hair tickeling me and I try to brush it off and there is nothing there. No not on BP meds. I just got worked up. Hubby did call and got nowhere. Going to keep appt. and hope for the best.

A friend of mine has a friend and her dad is a brain surgeon in Indiana. I asked her if she could get him to call me so I could ask him. Thanks for the prayers. That's what keeps me going.

HI Deanna…Hang in there and keep advocating for your Health…! will keep you in my thoughts and prayers … and you keep us posted…Colleen