Should my mom be seeing a Neurologist?

The details from the neurosurgeon were very vague. He released her in November 09, saying that the bleeding had stopped and she had no new issues that developed from inserting the drain. I was not able to go to the appointment with my step-dad and mom and my step-dad doesn't understand a lot of the medical information. I have heard people telling me that my mom should be followed by a neurologist. I was just wondering if anyone had any input on this. The only doctors that have seen her are the nursing home physician and an ENT specialist. I feel like I haven't been given good information from the beginning about the whole situation. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

she needs to be seen by a nuerologist, soon , is she having any symptoms? headache, stiff neck, dizziness? and make it to where you can be in attendance for the appointment to be full informed of whts happening…good luck sweety and ill keep yall in my prayers.God bless

Thank you both! We were able to get an order from the Nursing Home Physician and we are setting up an appointment with a neurologist.

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