I know we all have neurosurgeons but how many of you have neurologists ? My pcp just asked me who my neurologist is I felt stupid because I don't have one Kind of thinking I should . Wouldn't my neurosurgeon suggested that or should he have ? I'm confused . My pcp ( is new to me ) said she has to review my file then she'll let me know .

Hi Amanda. I was told I needed to see a neurologist at least annually to manage my shunt and make sure there are no issurs there. So i do.

Hi Amanda...I got my neurologist before my neurosurgeon...infact, my neurologist is the one who helped me get a surgeon ... He (neurologist) told me we will be buds for life...he watches everything to ensure I am doing the right things for no ruptures...(1 coiled, 1 being watched)...right now...I see him maybe every 6 months...what is great...he and I email often ... so any questions, he helps me out...they can help with all the symptoms after surgery that the neurosurgeons don't want to is a good idea to have one...just my opinion...

Fondly, Colleen

Thanks colleen I didn't even know that I had an anuerysm and it ruptured so It was an emergency situation and my nuerosurgeon just never suggested that I get one . So I guess I will be checking it out myself .

well i gone to two for tingling and was told they can't help me, my primary has no clue so i'm changing him, be happy yours asked. I didnt have either prior to my rupure i never knew i had a aneurysm.

I saw a neurologist 5 years ago because my husband was very concerned about my migraines. The neurologist didn't see a need to do any scans. He thought the increased frequency of migraine was just increased stress. He prescribed me nortriptylene & sent me on my way. I quit taking the meds 6 months later.

In April of this year, I was having issues with migraines again. My husband insisted that my pcp have a CT done. That led to an MRI and a diagnoses of cerebral AVM. I then went to a neurosurgeon. When he sent me for an angiogram to determine treatment for the AVM, an aneurysm was found. I had Gamma Knife in June for the AVM & craniotomy in July to clip my aneurysms (the 2nd was a surprise once they opened up my skull).

After school started back up (I teach high school special ed. reading), migraines increased again, but I also had a change in location of some headaches. My neurosurgeon sent me for another MRI--which was good & showed remodeling. He referred me to a neurologist for the migraines.

I saw the neurologist about a month ago. She put me back on the nortriptylne & also told me to practice "good sleep hygiene" by turning off the tv & computer an hour before bed time. Lack of sleep is one of my migraine triggers & one of the things my neurosurgeon told me to avoid in order to avoid seizures (he was surprised I hadn't had any due to the size of my AVM).

I go back to see the neurologist during Christmas break for a follow up. The meds & focus on better sleep habits do seem to be helping.