Anniversary Date of Rupturing

Hi everyone. I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary (Oct.) of rupturing. This probably sounds weird but, did anyone else feel bothered when they got to this milestone? “Bothered” may not be the right word … I think about it a lot though.

Congratulations on your upcoming annie-versary…
I had my 7th anniversary in July, and the day was ending before I realized it…I have no memory of my first year…
altho I may have thought about it then…

Laurel, I never cease to be amazed when I read everyones posts! So many thoughts and posts describing feelings that I thought only I had or suffered! On my 1st anniversary I to had strange feelings. I was actually scared at times! 3 years ago I chose to call my anniversary my 1st Birthday. I am now 4 years old in this new chapter of my life. I no longer get worried or nervous when my 2 anniversay dates are near and I remember how many blessings I have received since that 1st rupture. We’re always recovering. Before you know it that anniversary date will pass and you’ll be on your way to your 2nd year! As Patricia said in her post, as time goes on you will find you don’t focus on the past so much. Take care, Barbara


Yes, I remember my first anniversary of my rupture, and re-rupture five days later (coiled two days after that). I had feelings of trepidation and anxiety as the day approached. I decided I would CELEBRATE the day, and make it very special. My husband and I went to the ocean, a cruise around the bay, then we went out for a huge lobster dinner (I live in New England). We have celebrated my coiling every year since then. I still get that flash-back anxiety as the anniversary approaches, but four years after rupture my annie-versaries are wonderful memories (what I do remember) of how my family gathered around me and supported me through my recovery from the aneurysm and stroke.
Celebrate your life! Happy Annie-versary!

Yes, I did. My anniversary date is 9/14 which happens to be 2 days before my husband’s birthday. I feel a little guilty sometimes because 9/14 is so prominently seared in my mind that I have to remind myself to also celebrate his b-day but I think he understands. So no, I don’t think its weird to celebrate. I will continue to celebrate this day by remembering and thanking God for all the experiences I’ve been able to have since my rupture date. I do the same on my daughter’s birthday in April. Each birthday I get with her is a blessing.

It never occurred to me to celebrate the day but, I think I’m going to. I certainly have a lot to be thankful for!

I just had my 1 year anniversary of my ruptured aneurysm. We celebrated since although I’m disabled, I’m alive! So you’re right, it is a milestone!!

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Hi sweets, I suppose i have a lot of experience of this but yes I am bothered every year. I am 20+ years into this had my clips inserted christmas eve 1988. The rupture happened at 15.10h on 19th dec. 1988 I was cleaning my car at the time ( great excuse for not doing that again- it nearly killed me ) I cannot help my self by taking time every year at that time to sit and think I am still here and this is the time I should have died. I feel blessed for everything I have experienced since then, seeing my two daughters grow into the wonderful ladies they now are and the wonder of how they coped and my beautiful inspiring grand daughter I would not have known. God was good to me and I appreciate it so much every day is still a bonus and a blessing I definately celebrate amd enjoy a good drink on that day my life did not end but began again just a little different . xxx

I really do need to change the way I think about it. I am fortunate and I need to remember my blessings. It has been one heckuva journey … not just for myself but, for my family as well.

Did you have surgery / clip…or coiling?
Recovery is a challenge …in my first year + I did not have enough sense to know it was a challenge…

I was clipped. On Oct. 8th, 2009, I had “the worst headache of my life.” I live in a tiny remote town and luckily my doctor was working in emergency that night. He sent me by ambulance to the closest hospital for a CT scan (2.5 hours away). The doctor there sent me home right away … said there was nothing wrong and that I just had a headache. My doctor sent me back and that is when they diagnosed aneurysm (Oct. 14th). They again sent me home as they said it was too small to operate on. The next day (Oct. 15th), I ruptured at home. I was flown to Vancouver and was clipped on the 17th. The first day I started walking in the hospital, I ended up having vasospasms but, 2 weeks later (after a lot of begging and pleading, lol), I was home. The emotional recovery has been the hardest thing.

What size was yours? My initial records show mine was 6mm which is small. I had multiple emergencies…sought testing/diagnosis right after the first… which is a story of its own.
Your md is excellent…you are blessed to have him/her…

Mine was small too - 5 mm. Was just reading through all of my reports. It is amazing how something so small can cause so many headaches (pardon the pun, lol). My doctor has been amazing. When I came home, he said he wanted to see me once a week - for 5 minutes or an hour, it didn’t matter. His concern was for my emotional well being which I thought was odd because I was in the phase where I loved everyone and was so thankful to be alive. I honestly didn’t think it would be possible to suffer from depression, lol.

hey laurel,
I just passed my 4th and one week before it anxiety kicked into high gear. If thats what you mean by bothered? It’s completely normal I think. From my experience it is. I had one clipped and two more in my head. The Dr.s tried coiling one unsuccessfully. So having two more makes me feel all kinds of things, stress, lethargy, always tired, and just pissed at the world in general. I walk with a cane due to virtago. I have lost a large majority of my vision and dont drive anymore. Besides all that, I’m still alive. if you have any concerns or questions about the future, please feel free to write back. johnnyb thill

Your md is soooo amazing… you are blessed…

I feel bothered every year coming up on 5 years on 1/26/2011 I still have more questions than answers . was always about why . now it is more about why can`t i find any help. the struggle gets harder and all i see is people helping out other countries . our own government wont help us so Laurel just remember It does get worse