My 1 Year Annie-versary!

Today I made a year since my brain aneurysm ruptured. I can’t believe it’s already been a full year since this has happened to me. Last year when I was in the neuro ICU, I didn’t know what to expect and how things would be. But here I am working as a nurse at a hospital after my ordeal. I am so thankful to this group because I had a place I could go to for reference and reassurance from fellow survivors! I have some permanent vision loss at this point because I did suffer a stroke from complications of my ruptured annie last year. However, I can work and live my life normally and I am grateful for that. I am looking forward to the many years to come in the future.

For those who are new. I was there too where everything was new and just didn’t know what to expect. But things are getting better. It was a slow process of returning to my “normal” life but I am at a point where I am enjoying life and doing the best I can. My journey is still in the beginning stages but I am looking forward to the future.

Just wanted to post to celebrate :slight_smile:


Ms Rachel what a wonderful thing to celebrate! I’m so glad you’re able to work in your chosen profession I think that’s the icing on the cake! Well done!

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Congratulations on your first “ annieversary “
and your second lease of life! It’s definitely something to celebrate :tada: It’s wonderful to hear that you are back and working as a RN. You are right that you will continue to improve, at least that’s what I have experienced. Keep on adding more years to your success!


Hi rnham, congratulations on your one year Anni-versary. It is great you have got back to work, the people in this group are very inspirational. I am nearly seven and a half years since my rupture, and although I have been unable to go back to work, because of my memory problems, I am so grateful for this group. It is great you can look forward to the future and I hope it is a long one.

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Hi… Congratulations on your Annie-versary!! :confetti_ball:. Sounds like you did a good job climbing that hill in very quick time.

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Thanks for posting. My Annie ruptured in 1998 I recovered, got back to work, divorced and joined a rock band! Life certainly is good. So check out my music on search for ConnQuest. Enjoy


I’m right there with you 33mm unruptured aneurysm 1may 2020. Congratulations

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