Aneurysm 4mm

      I want to know how they determine on which one to go with a coil or open skull? can any body help me with this?

It depends on the location of the annie. The safest way to do it is coiling i believe. Less complications after and much better recovery. It also depends on the neck of the annie, wide or small.4 mm is not that big, mine is 12 mm and bends over my brainstem. I was coiled twice, second time with a stent.

Thank you so much for this imformation. I had a MRA and Ct scan wouldn"t you think he should have some ideal where it is. He thinks that because of my annie being so small but I havew a history of annie in the family my aunt her rupture but she made it, then I had two brothers that die with a Brain Temor. I was hoping when I went into the hospital that he would tell me that we will keep a eye on it but know he feels I do need operation, what do you think?
I go this Friday for 3 D pictures. I have my mine up if he tells me IHe has to go through the skull I"am not going to that so I will live with what I have and enjoy everyday as much as I can. What would you do. I have to ask I know it won"t go away but will it get bigger and what causes this.

I am not a doctor, but i would rather fix the problem than risk a rupture. A rupture of an anueysm is a lifethretening decease and can do much harm to the brain if one survive it.

Its you that decide what to do with it and you are the master of your own life.

You asked what i would have done, i would have fixed it even if they clip it surgically or with coils if the doctor told me to.

Good luck to you, im sure you make the right choice either way.


Hello, did your erupt? It was big

Yes i did, 13 yrs ago. Still dont work.

It depends on the neck of the aneurysm, where it’s at, and how big it is. I just had a 8mm coiled, and they are going to watch the 3mm on my communicating artery. My dr. said at my age, 59, that the 3mm should not get any bigger. The coiling is amazing, I was in the hospital 30 hours, and back to work full time in 10 days. Good luck

Mine started as a 4.4 mm and within 5 days was a 6.8 mm. The plan was coiling and I told my dr. that I did not want him to open my skull, but I also did not want him to take any chances on my life or problems from the surgery. They put me out to do the coiling and then realized where it was located he did not feel good about going forward so it did not. The following day I had open skull surgery. I am truly blessed to only have memory problems, balance issues when I am too tired. I told him not to shave my head and he did not. Really just talk to your surgeon and have peace that he knows what you want and put the rest in gods hand.

Usually the location. And then the size.