Annual cerebral angiogram

Hi everyone
Mach 6th I went in for my annual cerebral angio and found out that the coiled aneurysm has space in it. My neurosurgeon said a word for it but that sounds like degenerative but i don’t remember what’s the word. He also found another annie to small to coil but will monitor it to make sure it doesn’t grow. It’s right next to the one that has been coiled. My worries are that the one that has been coiled is growing and the baby annie is going to grow as fast as the other one did. Does anyone low if a coiled annie can grow and will the baby annie is 2cm will it grow and should I worry and stress out about it because I am very afraid and upset that now I have another aneurysm

Why does this happen? I thought one aneurysm was too much pain now two why ? what did i do in this one year that caused me to get another aneurysm?

sometimes the coils will compact and blood can get back in so it may be what happened and it hasnt really grown at all? Did the neurosurgeon say it had grown larger? Stressing out is the worst thing to do since it increases your blood pressure. when you say the baby annie is 2cm, are you sure, or did you mean 2mm? 2cm would be a giant

Hi yes I meant to put 2mm my neurosurgeon said a word that I can’t remember in regards to the coiled annie spacing with the coils I am going to call him on Monday and find out what the exact word is. So i can tell you and maybe that will help me understand more. thank you for taking the time out to help me. I do have a question is it common to get another aneurysm after having one ? Am I going to keep getting more ?

Jeanette, ask your Neurosurgeon if your aneurysm was multilobed when you talk to them. Also please take sharong’s advice and not stress too much. Have confidence in your Neurosurgeon, ask him lots of questions and take notes. Since I was “ordered” by Neurosurgeon, family and friends to keep my phone with me at all times, I just put the question that pops up there. When we have a visit, my wonderful Neurosurgeon quickly scans and answers the questions. In the beginning, my partner wrote down the answers, as my handwriting and language improved, I could write them down. I simply number both the questions in my phone, and one on a notepad. If I get them wrong, I can always call the nurse for confirmation. She can look at the doctor’s notes and many times she is in the room when We speak to my Doctor.

Thank you for your advise I have forgotten lots of things and not once have I thought to store my questions in my phone or write them down I will do that right now because it’s so stressful to think of the questions then forget them i really appreciate that advise. It’s been a rough journey getting through this year with one anerysm now two I can’t imagine what this year is going ti be like knowing I have another aneurysm but I will think positive and keep the faith. Thank you all for your support I’m so scared

Being positive is probably one of our best tools to combat our experiences. I happended to have developed a second aneurysm that was behind the first and local CT scan would never have had seen it. Luckily, we went to the hospital ER that saved my life. My Neurosurgeon was given the results and her nurse called the next working day. That week, I went in for a second coiling. Also, it really helps to be your own advocate - determine your goals and discuss with your doctors.

Oh wow sorry to hear that you have another aneurysm but glad to hear that it was caught on time to get it coiled. I’m afraid to just sit and watch this one to see if it grows it’s hard to not stress but people like you and others give me HOPE AND MAY GOD BLESS US ALL THANX AGAIN. I will keep you in mind when I speak to my neurosurgeon.