I just got diagnosed 2 weeks ago for unruptured annie measured 5mm x 3mm. Is there anyone had surgery??? what kind of treatment??? coiling or clipping???

hi marinelle,

treatment is based on location and the neck of your anny,,,contact ur nuero so get moor info-specifics...size of neck and location of anny,,

i had mine 5mm in the basilar tip artery, dr was able to coil..this 2 yrs ago,,,prayers n love coming ur way,,hoping u find the answers u need

Marinelle...welcome; you are blessed to have been diagnosed. Ask your neuro to explain location (which artery/segment), his/team recommendation for clip or coil and the bases for their recommendation; and their annual numbers of both.

Besides minimally invasive w/usual short hospital stays for coiling, ask about the f/up requirements for both clip and coil; we seem to see more f/up angios, MRAs, CTAs post-coiling than post-clip...but any / all of us have some variances.

I have no expertise, just my personal experiences. I am coiled; still awaiting some answers.

My prayers are that you are blessed with a Captain Sully piloting your angiocraft who has the skills for take-off and landing in the correct arterial tracts.


Hi Sweetie…mine was 9mm on my basilar tip artery…it was coiled…when the Doctors look at doing coiling and/or clipping…they look at your age, size and location of the annie, the risks, the risks of rupture, your other overall health issues that can contribute to rupture, etc., more or less…we are all different when they determine surgery or not…hope that helps…Gotcha in my thoughts…Colleen