Just found out!

Hi I just found out I have a brain aneurysm last friday by chance. They were checking my sinuses with a CT scan. It is 5mm in size. I see a neurosurgeon next monday and Im unsure of what to expect? Kinda scared right now!!

Hi Patti, I was clueless about them until last Tuesday when my mom suffered a severe rupture. She had surgery and is still in the ICU and will be for a while yet. Since then i have been reading everything i can get my hands on and all I can tell you is you dont want to have it rupture. She had the coiling procedure and it went well. The nurses and doctors tell me she was a lucky lady because when she collapsed she managed to call me on her cell phone for help. Thousands of people dont get that chance. I showed up ten minutes later and called the ambulance and she was later lifeflighted from one hospital to one that specialized in this. My family and I will be praying for you. Be strong and God bless you, Jason

Hi, Patti. The neurosurgeon will probably schedule you for an angiogram for a better look and to check to make sure there are no other annies. Where is yours located, do you know?

I had my angio in September, coiling and stent in October. I am going in the morning for another angio to check on mine, but I think most people don't have them for at least 6 months afterward. The neuro will tell you what he recommends - much depends on location and size as to the type of surgery to fix the annie. We are the lucky ones - ours were detected before a rupture.

Being diagnosed with a brain annie is very scary - this forum has been a blessing to us all. Let us know what the doctor says - the waiting is actually the worst part.

Good luck, Sherri

Hi there any questions you have write them down as you will probably forget when you are in the room with the neurosurgeon. They know it is there so that is good. I expect they will talk about treatment options or watching it with you. Try not to worry. Jess.xxx

Hi patti

I to only found out I had a 7.2mm aneurysm about 3 weeks ago I met a neurosurgeon 2 weeks ago and he said that I need to have the coiling procedure and he would arrange for a guy who will be performing the operation to write me with a appointment which I got yesterday and I go and see him on the 6th march.

I rang to confirm my appointment and asked why it was going to be so long they said they were very busy and this is the usaual time period for this treatment I also asked how long after this meeting would the procemdure be they told me about a week so now it’s a waiting game grrr.

When I went to see the neurosurgeon I took a list of question with me which people advice me in these forums also take someone with you because I didn’t really take a lot in at the time

Anyway welcome to BAF it’s good here people help so much

Thanks Jimmy

Patti, welcome to you, and many others here.

Hi Patti, welcome to BAF! I know it's very scary ans I was so petrified I started crying. Only through this site and the people here have I been able to go ahead, one step at a time, and will be having surgery on the 28th finally. I was scared as hell. First of all, inform yourself , speak to the surgeon about what he recommends, and just take some time for it all to sink in. Without your head exploding. Stop smoking.

All my best and let us know what the surgeon says.


Hi I just got released from work! they wont let me work until I get a release from my neurosurgeon who I havent even seen yet..not till monday. So I had to call him and see if I can get the release to go back to work and he said he would have to see on Monday. He did say he is wanting to do surgery on me..the coiling. I cant believe this is for real! Good luck on you upcoming surgery and I hope it goes well!

Hi Sherri. My dr does want to do the coiling on me. We will discuss it more after my monday app. How was the recovery for after the coiling. how long did it take?

Everybody heals differently, as you will find on this forum. I also had a stent put in as my annie was wide mouthed.

I did have pretty bad headaches for several weeks - my doctor was trying to control them with morphine and something stronger, but I remembered someone on the forum saying they needed Fioricet for theirs. I took a combination of Fioricet and Oxycodone for several weeks which worked very well at controlling them. I think the most important part is to get a lot of rest - the first couple of days at home I had trouble staying up for more than an hour at a time and gradually got much better. I still have fatigue, but it is much better now - the headaches are mostly gone until today when I had a followup angio. I did find that if I did not get enough rest, my headaches were worse. (I was lucky in that I didn't really have headaches prior to the surgery) In all, my headaches lasted about 3 weeks, waning a little every day. I already had fatigue problems, so please don't measure what that could be for you.

Some people on the forum bounce back pretty fast, though. I did have pre-existing health problems, so those probably contribute to me. I would not hesitate to do it again. The wait, worry and anxiety are probably the worst (but having it fixed before a rupture is fantastic!).

You will do fine - the coiling is much less invasive. If you have any doubts, or do not feel comfortable with your doctor, definitely get a 2nd opinion. With coiling, you do need to have follow up tests occasionally to check on it.


well I had my dr appointment and my dr suggests clipping over coiling because of location.Now I have to have an angiogram to get more accurate details on the aneursym. My next appoint to talk about results and surgery is Feb 29 th.Im kinda more scared now that he wants to do the clipping! I

Hi Patti...it is normal to be scared...infact, to carry many emotions...the good part they are finding your annie before it ruptures ... that should help alot... if you feel better with a 2nd opinion ... you know that is an option... Keep us posted...and know you have my prayers...this entire journey is so surreal...Cyber~hugs Colleen

Patti----It is "normal" to be scared (brain surgery- GULP) and I would agree that if you can get it clipped before it should rupture- do it, I cannot stress that enough- I would like to think that my situation would have been completely different had I known about the aneurysm and taken action------and I agree with Colleen- the whole aneurysm "thing" is quite surreal---and scary------ My prayers and best wished are with you, Dana

Hi Patti, my aneurysm was found in Nov 2010 and after many angiograms, mri’s & ct scans my neuro decided it should be clipped! (i was petrified as i had set my mind on coiling!). On 29th Nov 2011 i underwent clipping surgery - i was petrified to say the least! I stayed in icu one night and then a regular ward for 5 nights. I must say my recovery went really well - it’s now 12 weeks post surgery and i can honestly say i sm so pleased they clipped it and not coil it. Had my follow up appoint 4 weeks ago and wash discharged! I wish you all the very best on your journey. Please feel free to message me with any questions or concerns xx

Well I had my angiogram on Fri which went fine but I got a horrible headache from it which make me super sick so I ended up going back to the ER Sat moring. Dr’ s did a CT and Spinal tap to make sure the angiogram didnt cause the aneurysm to leak.The results came back negative but now Im having the worse headaches ever! I cant go to work or class Has this happened to anyone?Im in sooo much pain and sometimes I even see tracers in my eyes.My angiogram results were not good either. My aneurysm is like an upside down cup, it has no neck, and it sits on an intersection of five other vessels! So drs say coiling is out of the question for sure! Only clipping! Im not too happy! I see my dr tomorrow to take next step! but for now I just need my headache to go away! any ideas?

Hi Patti...I had a headache from my angio in June...I take feriocet for very bad headaches, which this was and I took...also, cold compresses to the head and eyes...rest...

I am glad you know the next plan of action...Cyber~thoughts Colleen