All done

Clipped…waiting to be discharged… minor concern for CSF leak…any one with that experience after clipping

Set back…CSF leak.lumbar drain…still in the hospital

Ashhan...I am so sorry about the set back...but so glad it was discovered before you were discharged...

What were you told about the leak / drain; i.e. a temporary one for the leak to settle or a shunt?

Prayers you will regain control of it...


2 -3 days of the drain then Reval in house…

so glad ...hugs and prayers for its healing...

Hi Ashhan...You have my Thoughts and Prayers...~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen…healing power of prayers is unbelievable…sat up today I 3 days…will walk sson :slight_smile: fingers crossed

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I did not experience this. I am not sure what a CSF leak is. I pray that you are doing well.



Glad to hear you're on your way out of the hospital--and onward home. Rest !! don't push it!

Peace, Janet

Fingers and Toes are crossed sweetie and a silently prayer just offered that everyday "big or small" there is improvement...~ Colleen