Surgery done and back in hospital

Hi, all had surgery last tuesday. Lasted about seven hours. Went home for one day and now back. So very upset. After being home for a few hours I started having CSF dripping out of my nose. My husband called the Doctor and he said get her here right away. Talking about sh—ting you pants. So I was re-admited. I am here in the hospital (UIC) awaiting to see if the leak heals on its own. If not I have to go back to surgery wednesday. I can;t believe this is happening , I leak has slowed down a lot. So maybe it is healing. I was told if I have to go to surgery again I will be in the hospital another 1-2 weeks. WHAT!!! I really lost it this morning. I was like I can’t do this anymore. No more pokes, no more bad news. Just want to go on living my life. I am 38 years old! As for the pain it gets better and better each day. I ended up with about 30 stables on the right side of my head. I really need good thoughts and prayers from my fellow friends here…My son brought the laptop up today and praise the lord, I have something to keep this wandering mind wandering. So has anyone had this happen to them?

Oh my … You got it…lots of prayers coming your way…Rest and Heal…! God speed…Colleen

I have been on here every chance I get looking for you… I am so glad you made it through the surgery, but what is going on with the leak??? I almost called the hospital the other day to check on you I have been so worried… Please write back and tell me what is going on when u can!!!

Hi Jenn
Going into surgery to fix the leak. It was explained to that the surgeon had to drill through the sphenoid sinus to get to my difficult placed annie. Well, they use a special glue to fill that hole after drilling through it. The glue did not hold. So they are going up through the nose and gonna try to patch it. I am so scared and have cried all morning. I am praying. That this does not mess my vision up and I recover in a couple of days. Thanks for all the well wishes.

I am praying with you!!! Did you have any neurological damage from the 1st surgery?? I am sure you will be fine… Just another bump in the road!!! I see dr charbel tomorrow… How have you liked the hospital and him?? Please keep me posted you are on my mind 24/7!!!

Can you see that I am keeping my mind busy before surgery, they were gonna do surgery wednesday but charbel called down to the ENT’s and he want;s it done now. Charbel is great, hospital is a teaching hospital so you will have a lot of residents. The Neuro floors are great. Don;t let them put you on 7 east…I hated it there. Oh a the food is so gross here. Not that I have been wanting to eat or anything! I did not have any nueological damage just a bump in the road. They are here to take me in…I will get in touch with you.

keeping prayers going up for you hunny,God will never lead you to a path hes not going to guide you thru,hes got you in his arms and guiding the drs hands to do a good job,God speed sweety

No I haven’t- but I have been praying for you, and I see others have, too. God will comfort you-and keep us posted.

I am sorry to hear about your leak .i am praying for a fast recovery for you .

Have been thinking and praying for your speedy recovery! Keep us updated! Lots of Hugs xoxoxo

I am out of my second surgery and home! It went really well. Expect for the fact I had to lie flat four 3 days, Om word! I was like a child! lol I was like what, you want me to hold still? LOL But on a serious side. I had my leak fixed. I think my nose hurts (where they went up endocopically) more than the crainotomy itself. So I am stapled and sewed up pretty good. Its really weird though. I thought when I left that hospital yesterday I would be so happy to be in my bed and I can’t sleep. Having feelings of anxiousness and crying through the nite. Not sure what it is. May relief? Just can’t relax. I am doing much better than I though I would. The hospital knew I couldn’t take much more. Like another poke in the arm! So they said If I didn’t leak through the nose after clamping my drain I could go home. So here I am. Thanks for all the responses and reports. Love yall

Rest Sweetie…even if you can’t sleep…Thank God our prayers have been answered and you are in your own bed…hugs…Colleen

Hi Meleah,

So glad to hear your home but at the same time I totally understand the anxiousness…There is so much I want to do but feel so worn out so fast…I have been given a sleeping tablet to take in the evening…I have to say it helps because I did not take anything one night and could not sleep the entire night…Last night was my first night of sleeping the WHOLE night…I was really needed. Talk with your doctor about the sleeping problem…Please try to get rest and it will come…When I can’t say but the body will rest when it feels it needs it…Listen to your body…Love and Prayers…


Thank God!!! I have been worried about you!!! Please let me know when you feel like talking because I really need someone to talk to… I am having surgery on dec 16 and I am nervous!!

Thank God!!! I have been worried about you!!! Please let me know when you feel like talking because I really need someone to talk to… I am having surgery on dec 16 and I am nervous!!

Jenn, You can talk to me anytime that you would like. I may be getting back to you a little slow cause I am just exausted from 2 big surgeries. You live in crown point, Right? Before you go in maybe I can stop by and give you big hug. I can tell you one thing, I have a huge history of panic attacks and I did not have one in the hospital. They will keep you very comfortable. :-0. I know its hard, but try to pamper yourself. Calming relaxation exscersises. Maybe some chamomile tea! You are in Good hands. It is Dr. Charbel doing the surgery? You can ask me anything, anytime any questions that you may like. Hang in there.

Thank you so much!!! Depending on if you are up to it… It might be easier if you just called me when you feel up to talking… I have so many questions that it would take forever to type!! Try to rest!!! Just keep me posted!!! My home number is ■■■■■■■■ and my cell is ■■■■■■■■!!

I’m so glad you are doing better. Get rest and get well. Let your hubby take care of you. That’s what we’re here for!