Home 3 weeks after elective brain aneurysm surgery

Hi all,
I returned home yesterday 3 weeks after an elective aneurysm surgery.Unfortunately had postoperative complications including CSF leak needing a lumbar drain which then led to meningitis.Further complicatd by unexplained drug resistant bacterial sepsis. Improving at home on 2 weeks of antibiotics which I have to administer7times per day.
So much for an elective surgery.at least the aneurysm I gone!

Hey Ashhan,

Wow...I'm so sorry you've had to thru all this BS---my God, what happened! "elective" brain surgery ? Didn't know there was such a thing! ( just teasing you Ashhan--get better soon!)

Peace, Janet

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way for a good quick recovery.


Ashhan...welcome home!...

So sorry for all you have experienced...tho so glad you are at home...

Please keep us updated...Prayers for continued recovery....


Hi Pat, what a nasty time you have had, I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and will keep you in my prayers, take care of you xxx

Hi Ashhan

I had a CSF leak after a lumbar puncture - totally separate time from my aneursym surgery - and I have to say that the CSF leak and recovery was debilitating and SLOW!!!!- truly more so than the time after I had the aneurysm coiled. The good news - I'm 100% fine and life is good! But take it easy - the CSF leak takes a while to heal.

Best wishes,


Thanks Jaycie ! I am improving...4 more days of antibiotics for the suspected meningitis..then I should have time to walk etc and build some strength...

Good you are improving Ashhan...be sure to get lots of rest for your brain and body to heal...~ Colleen