Help? New to the board

I deleted my questions. Never mind. It doesn’t matter, bye.

Hi Terri,

I read your initial post about having issues are you doctor kind of downplaying them and saying not to worry. I would definitely suggest getting anything checked out that you have concerns about especially so you’re not constantly worrying about it. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t encouraged that!

Also, do not rush to get back to work if you’re not ready yet! You need all the rest you can get.

Thank you! I saw the PA today who said no work until the end on April. It appears that I do have a csf leak that is causing issues with fluid pooling at the base of my skull and pressing on my left eustation tube and my throat making it difficult to swallow and blocking my hearing. Will have MRI in a month if it doesn’t clear up and the leak resolve itself. I took my daughter with me today and finally got some answers. They put a titanium plate in my skull. I didn’t know anything about that, neither did my husband!

Good thing you kept following through! I’ll pray that the fluid does clear up so you don’t need another procedure done.