A fast hello

Hello to everyone~ I'm still working on my right had, but stubborn.

(3 numb fingers)

I want to thank each and everyone of you who belive in prayer to a higher power, a humble thank you~~~

You are ALL very blessed.

I will be coming on a lil more and more. I miss you all. I am so very happy I was blessed to jump it through this hoop. Angeles and all, and all of you.

I will chat to u tomorrow ....

I added a photo a month ago, few days after out of hospital,, boy did I looked beaten up, yikes..

461-NewHead1.jpg (957 KB)

Glad you’re feeling better!!

Hi Sage. I have been following your story through your blogs/posts since I found this website recently as I wait for surgery to fix my aneurysm. You are such a support to others who are waiting for and stressing over having surgery. Take care and I hope you continue to get stronger day by day. Caro

Hi there. I’m slowy getting there. your surgery,coil, or clipped. When is your surgery. Short typist for now… : ) sage

Sage you look beautiful and keep up the hard recovery. Remember this is a slow one and just honor your body, you have been through a lot.

many blessings


Hi Sage. Hoping to have mine coiled, seeing the neuro on Tuesday to discuss the options of coiling or clipping. Has been delayed as I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and that has to be optimised before I am given a general anaesthetic. Hope you continue to get better. Regards Caro