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Percentages of successful surgeries


I’m new to the group. I am a 53 year old female. I live in central NY. I’ve been reading online as much as I can about coiling and stent surgery. I had a ruptured aneurysm on 1/11/19. It was 9cm. I was in the hospital 16 days. I then went to a rehab for a couple of weeks. I had the coiling done. I just found out that I have another aneurysm (6cm.) and will need coiling and a stent. I was wondering what the success rate is for this surgery. I’m still recovering and have memory and visual issues. I am tired freauently, not driving, and just got a handicapped placard.
I am afraid that I may end up in a much worse state. I am looking for percentages to give me peace of mind. Online info is scary. I am afraid to drink coffee or even blow my nose. Any positive words would be so appreciated. Thank you

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Oops sorry meant mm not cm!


Welcome to this group! Just wanted to let you know that my wife had a 6mm 7.5 years ago. It was coiled, and then six months later more coiling and a stent. It has been perfect since then. She’s doing great. She has a few walking issues because her left leg/foot was affected. Otherwise she does virtually everything. Trust God and your doctors, and you’ll do well.


HI, I had the coiling and stent procedure in Dec. 2018. Because the aneurysm was wide necked, I will need more coils. The doctors are following my case closely to determine when the best time to add coils will be. I will behaving an MRI with dyes in June. My aneurysm did not rupture. So far, so good.


Thank you so much for responding. I feel much butter hearing success stories. I’m very happy to hear that your wife is doing so well. I know I just need to rely upon faith and the skill of my doctor.


Thanks for responding, Ida. My prayers are with you that all goes well. My surgery is sometime this month after I get medical clearance. Trying to stay occupied, but the waiting (and worrying) is painful.

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Been there, done that with the waiting. It is very hard. Keep busy and focus on the beauty all around you. Holding you in my prayers. Please keep in touch and let us know when your surgery is.


Hi! I don’t have experience with that surgery (I had an unruptured aneurysm clipped last June) but I didn’t want to read and not respond. The waiting was absolutely the worst part for me after getting diagnosed. But for you it’s even harder because you’re still healing from a trauma just a few months ago! I remember asking my neurosurgeon about risks in general and he named one and then had to look to his resident to name other risks because they just don’t happen that often! I think you are right to trust in your neurosurgeon and the process, but of course it’s still excruciating to wait and have all that worry! I think that because you are processing so much now that after your surgery you will be in a good place mentally for your recovery. I admire you and wish you all the best as you wait! (((Hugs)))


Thank you all for your helpful and kind words. I will update with my surgery date. I’m praying that this will be it. Unfortunately, in the process I learned a may need a coronary stent as well due to plaque in the aorta, so I am not sure which procedure will be first. I will have to trust in God and the doctors. Waiting is tough, but I am thankful that I found you guys.


Eventually you will create new pathways from your rupture, it takes a good bit of time. Most want it go by faster, be patient. Two things that were stressed to me and I continue to pass it on, is to find out how much protein you should be eating to help your brain recover. I was on 90 grams a day. The other is to drink lots of water. I had to supplement with Gatorade after the first two coilings and just did it with the third.

I have more problems with the anesthesia and dye than anything else. The last angiogram was done with very little of each and I had set backs but didn’t take as long as the previous to recover.

Wishing you the best with both procedures

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Thank you for the encouragement and advice! I will try to increase protein in my diet along with drinking more water. Too bad I didnt have to increase the carbs, that would be easy, lol.


I just wanted to say, hang in there and good luck. You’ve found a good group. I would recommend you get allergy testing for the components to be used and the angiogram chemicals. It is good to be armed with antihistimines and epi pens, just in case.


Hi, Mary,

Thank you for your well wishes and advice.
I am very happy to have found this supportive group! I just had an angiogram a few weeks ago. Fortunately I did not have any allergic reactions.


Hi, there! I am unsure how big my aneurysm was. All the doctors told me back in 1988 was that it was the size of a marble. The only procedure that I knew of at that time was to have the aneurysm clipped - which is what they did. I have no clue how coiling an aneurysm works, but, it does sound scary. I never knew I was “disabled” back then. I had my surgery, spent 2 years for recovery (because I was 6 months when I had my surgery), then, returned to work. I have been working ever since and still am. Because of where mine was located, I had complete paralysis on the left side of my body, and, double vision. Months of physical therapy got my lower body working. I still stumble from my left leg because it tends to give out once in a while. I have lost some peripheral vision on my left side. I have thought about trying to get on disability because I can tell my vision is getting worse, and, I am always so tired.

I know you’re scared, and, am praying for you! Please keep up with the group, I would love to hear how you are after your 2nd surgery!


Hi, Rosie,
Thanks for responding.
Your story is very inspiring! I am glad your pt helped. I’m sorry to hear
about your vision problems. The maddening thing for me is that I can’t predict when
my vision will double, and I get very fuzzy headed. Also due to those issues, I dont typically do stairs on my own. I’m frequently tired, I still am not driving and have to take breaks when walking. I am very frightened about my upcoming surgeries, but I consider myself lucky to be here! I will have to try to focus on the many blessings in my life! Thanks for your support, and I pray your vision improves. Will update regarding my surgeries when I can.


Amen Rosie, my prayers are with you…It’s now been 14 years for me after being declared brain dead three times because of my Brain Aneurysm and one more time with a massive P.E. in my right lung the next year…God Bless…


All good wishes to you Rosie. I, like you, have suffered unanticipated, long term problems with vision, migraines, cognitive and memory issues. I had coiling done 3 years ago & no longer working. I would be very anxious also if I needed another procedure. I’m still working through my new life, finding a new life. I don’t even know why I have these residual problems! They said I would be back to work, good as new, within 2 weeks. I also don’t like to drive, by the way. I have trouble making fast decisions and have to plan every trip from home so I totally understand your feelings.

All things considered, if I were in your position, I’d have to go forward as well because who wants to live with a bomb in their brain, right? But I’ll also say I would have to muster quite a bit of bravery to do it again. I wish you all the best, may God watch over you and take good care of you!


Thanks for everyone’s prayers and words of encouragement. I admire you all for fighting thru your own battles and persevering! I should be having my next surgery (coiling and a stent) on May. 29th (providing I get clearance from my primary care, who I see this Friday).
Your encouraging words and prayers give me the added strength to continue to remain positive!


Good luck! As you probably already know, get hydrated the day before, do some relaxation breathing, and when they start with the needles, make sure to breathe out. It makes the needle not sting so much. My last two coilings were a walk in the park compared to the rupture.


Hi, Moltroub,

Thanks for the good wishes, and for the tips about the needles. So happy to hear your surgeries went well. I’m kinda panicking since my surgery is scheduled 12 days from now. I’m trying to stay positive though and you really helped. Praying my stent and coils are as smooth as your coils were!