Trying to add some cheer here..... :-)

Wishing everyone out there love, hope, peace and lots of light....Sage : )

I had a coiling done July 30. NO Meds before or after surgery. I had an 8mm unruptured aneurysm on the right side of my brain. I was in the hospital 30 hours. Came home with no side effects or headaches. I went back to work 10 days later, and I am still on top of the world. I have to get another angiogram in Oct to watch an 3mm one, and to make sure the coiling stayed coiled. I feel blessed. I don’t think that I had ever been that scared in my life, it was 2 months from when the aneurysm’s were found till my surgery. They were found purely by accident, I had 2 absessed teeth, and the did a scat scan to see if I had Cellilitis on my face. My absessed teeth saved my life. Put your faith in God and everyone praying for you, I know it is hard to do, but we are all with you!!!

God Bless you…

Wow that’s wonderful!!!

Thanks Sage. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day challenges and forget to savor all the beauty of this world. There has been some really beautiful sunsets this past week that I just sat and stared at but then almost felt guilty. This just reminded me that those are the simple pleasures of life. No need to feel guilty.

Sage, you sure seem so upbeat, and I LOVE the song you posted from UTUBE. My husband and I lived in jamaica for 6+ years, and that song means a lot to me. I really “LISTENED” to it today. It is very eye opening and encouraging. I never heard that version of “ONE LOVE”. Love it. THANKS for that, and how are you? I got two encouraging things from this site today!! I had a ruptured aneurysm last day of July 2009 in TX while on a Genealogy trip 8 hours from home. Mine was coiled, and I’m doing well. NELL