6 mo. Angiogram/Follow-up

Hi everyone!

I had my 6 mo angiogram on yesterday. Procedure went well, got great pics and the annie has shrunk greatly. Neurosurgeon was very excited about what he saw. I asked what the percentage of shrinkage and he will let me know once he thoroughly review the images and diagnostics. The PED is doing what we want it to do and we agreed to leave it alone and hopefully in the next six months, it will be completely shrunken/flat. I am optimistic about the future of the annie being resolved but am willing to continue treatments, if necessary. Oh, he took me off the Plavix but I have to remain on the 325mg aspirin.

The procedure was much quicker than the first angio as they knew exactly what they were needing to capture this time around. In recovery, I had to lay flat for 4 hours and like the first angio, I was unable to urinate until I was allowed to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. They allowed me to have water, ice chips and crackers right away. They checked the incision every 30 minutes. Incision is doing well, some tenderness as expected but no bleeding. Drinking lots of fluids and taking it easy. That’s all I have for this round. If you have any questions, ask away!

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Sounds like you’re doing great! Good job!

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Thanks @Moltroub - today we scheduled a CTA Head scan for July.

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I had my 6 month back in Sept of 2019. My annie is gone! It was a 7mm with a nasty topper sac starting. My mom died from an annie that burst. I have the Pipeline flex. Doing well with some rare headaches and lightheadedness… The migraines on the left side are completely resolved. God was, and is my refuge and strength… I stayed close to Him through it all. I am a nurse of 39 years and went to Johns Hopkins for my care. So very thankful.


That’s absolutely wonderful, so happy for you.