18 month Angiogram tomorrow!

Sorry I haven't been active lately. Things have been very busy at work, my daughter has been keeping me busy driving her between activities, and I'm taking twice as many classes for school. Life moves quick!!

Tomorrow morning I have an angiogram - 18 months after my PED was placed. I excited and nervous and overwhelmed and speechless. lol My annie was "sluggish" at the 6 month angio so I'm hoping a year later it's completely gone and I can finally feel like I can move on with my life. I'm also suppose to find out if I can come off my asprin, Topamax, and Celexa because we would like to start trying for another baby. (We were in the beginning planning stages when the annie was discovered 2 years ago)

Wish me luck!!!! Hopefully I'll have a decent connection at the hospital tomorrow so I can chat since I'll be BORED for 4-6 hours!

Best wishes Melissa, I pray you get great results and can get working on the next baby!!



Hi Melissa,
I hope you heard the famous words : the annie has gone…
I had my 30 months follow up last september and all was fine, I hope the same with you.
Keep us posted.

Well the angiogram went well, I’m very very sore. (I’m actually waiting on transport to take me down so I can go home lol) I slept all afternoon afterwards and I feel like I can go sleep some more.
The big news I was hoping to hear, did not happen, well half the news. My aneurysm is still not gone but the blood flow in it is minimal so he feels it will be gone at next year’s angiogram (bla). But I should be able to come off the aspirin. He has to confirm with my other Dr.