6 month angio follow up

Oh my goodness.....the anticipation of the procedure was the worst part. The angio went terrific. No pain what so ever, and very little brusing! It's been 4 days, and my groin area is a bit sore, and my leg a bit stiff, but that's about it. The care I got at Shands Hospital down in Gainesville, Florida was awesome. The Radiology Department is the bomb. Very caing and wonderful staff. They explained everything in detail which was so reasurring. Yes, they gave me something in my IV to make me a bit relaxed, which helped too. :)

The good news???? I got GREAT news. My 10.5mm coiled stented annie is holding up just fine, and my little 2mm watch and wait annie has not grown any. So I will wait another 6 months and go back and have an angio again. So far so good! I even get to stop taking my 'bruises everywhere' plavix. Wahooooooooo. I will be on aspirin for the rest of my life....but that's okay. Jesus has truly blessed me!

I plan to order my medic alert bracelet in about a week or so, and finally feel comfortable to get back to walking and swimming for exercise again. Now I just need to get off the diet pepsi I drink too much of.

Hugs to all that read this.


Happy for you. Glad everything is ok. I have an unruptured aneurysm and I wear metic alert bracelet too. It gives me peace of mind.

Yaaaaaay........ Woooop....... Wooooooop ....... Awesome news Carrie

Best Wishes


Great news Carrie! Awesome report!


So glad to hear your good news Carrie. Congrats!


YAY!!! Your experience is the same as mine - 6mos f/u angio showed complete healing of my coiled/stented aneurysm, and my other 2 hadn't changed. I'm glad that as more and more people are getting coiling, there are more and more great stories!