5th time opening my head

I got the news today that they will be opening my head for a 5th time in Feb.

My neuro said that the only way to fix the problems that I have now is to open my head because there is too much fluid. He wants them to start work on my jaw before he schedules surgery.

I know this is sucky news but I am not going to let it get to me!!! This is Christmas and I am going to enjoy it!!


All my love to you wonderful people...


Wow! 5 times. Yep, it is sucky news. BUT, I think I'd rather have them say they want to open up my head again than say they can't do anything else for me.

I love your attitude! I've been trying to stay positive throughout my AVM & annie journey that began 8 months ago.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As lousy as that is, I imagine there's some relief in finally having a game plan, knowing antibiotics will work, and thinking ahead to AFTER February!!!!

What does the jaw work involve?

And MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the joy you bring to others.

Love you!!!!!!

Once again, you have shown us the Unique being that you truly are Kimberly!!

I'm happy that you are not letting this news bring you down and I can only hope and pray that this will be the final time they will have to "open" up your head!

You, as always, are in my thoughts and prayers.

Merry Christmas to you!!!




I am pleased for you that they are determining what needs to be done. Please tell us about your jaw, and if you have already, forgive me/us...Sorry they don't have you scheduled 01/02/12...but perhaps that is th time for your jaw.

Merry Christmas to you, and a very Happy New Year.

Love and Hugs,


I have written 10 different things and deleted them...Instead...I am going to say..."Merry Christmas to You and Your's too Kimberley"...and Cheers to A Happy and HEALTHY NEW YEAR...!

Cyber~hugs and Prayers ... Colleen

Hi Kimberley, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You are in my thoughts and prayers-take care, Myrna

A. Collins,

This journey began for me last Nov. with my first surgery...I would feel much better if they told me they can fix the after surgery problems that I have but that's not the case. Opening my head is not a guarantee that my problems will be fixed, it's the only option left.

Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

Hey Jaycie,

During intubation of my 3rd surgery they lifted my jaw and popped it out so now I can only open my mouth so wide and chew soft foods. They are going to make some sort of mouth guard that most people wear at night but I will have to wear 24 hours a day for awhile. The other option is surgery which is not something I want...My neuro wants the jaw specialist to begin on my jaw so that they do not do more damage to it during the next surgery..I'm thinking while I am out why not just fix both..LOL

Merry Christmas!!


Thank you Linda :-)

It's Christmas! (my time of year!). I'm going around telling everyone that Christmas is for the little kids and Me this year...LOL

Merry Christmas to you also!!!


Hello Pat,

Them opening my head and doing whatever it was they did the fist time this happened worked for 3 weeks but then I got an infection. If they can do the same thing again this time and I don't get an infection this it very well could work! That is my plan!!!

During intubation of the 3rd surgery they popped my jaw out, now they have to try and fix it!!!

My neuro wants it them to atleast have started treatment on it then after a few weeks he said we will schedule the next surgery. Personally I still hold hope that I will wake up one day before then and it will have fixed it's self :-)

Ya just never know! stranger things have happened..

Merry Christmas & A Happy, Healthy New Year!!

Love & Hugs backatcha!!!

Dear Colleen, So sorry you keep having to type and delete..LOL

A Very Merry Christmas to you & the BEST of New Year!!!!

It's going to be a healthier one for all of us!!!

Many hugs, Much love & lots of prayers to you Colleen..Your a wonderful person!!!

Thanks Myrna,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your's.....


Prayers for you...

Hi Sue,

This journey that I have been on is a bit long for me to explain..LOL

My neuro says that in my case a shunt would not work so what they are going to do is open me up try to find the leak, fix a couple of screws are are sticking up to far, re-seal everything, lift my forehead back up and with any luck it will fix the problem.... The fluid seems to be leaking down into one half of my face..Some days my eye and around it are so swollen it's hard to open it and the rest of the time I use my forehead muscles to look as normal as possible by holding up my forehead..

I figure it's time for my luck to change so it's gonna work if I have to do this...

Merry christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!!

Seriously - get the two-for-one deal! I had jaw surgery years ago - big TMJ problems - could also only open a little bit and it was painful. I looked like I'd had major skull surgery afterwards...wrapped up like a mummy on my head! Who would've thought that years later I'd actually have brain surgery. Lucky us :)

LOL...I wonder what they would say if I asked for the two-for-one..LOL

TMJ I heard is painful.. :-( glad to hear you got it fixed!!!

I need more coffee, excuse me...rofl...I do not function well without my morning coffee..


You are such an inspiration! You take all this with such a great attitude and positive energy. Know that I am thinking of you and praying for a successful surgery and fix for you.

Merry Christmas and Much Love to You!


Colleen...forgive me as I sit here in smiling...you almost make me feel "normal"... My prayers for you include you not hitting "delete" vs "save" on phone messages that are important; then, the mail you receive... it is easy to delete the needed and save an advertiser of what you do not use or want.

Hugs for a wonderful holiday; enjoy every minute of every day.


You are my dear are a saint...there has got to be a "book" that you could be in for the most brain surgeries...just a bit of humor...

Hey me and Jaycie should be sisters when I was 21 years old I had extensive TMJ surgery on my cheekbones and manible...(the broke the jaw for my underbite, I now have overbite)...no cosmetic...just truly awful 21 years of my life...Doc who did surgery gave me a quality of life...sometimes the surgery is worth it...but I can't blame you...

We are off to be with Family for Christmas this year...first time in 4 years...can't wait...to hit the road ... taking time and just enjoying every moment...u too...you will be in my prayers, special one's tommorrow at Christmas eve mass...Love and Hugs Colleen

keep the faith.