To those who are having aneurysm surgery soon!

I just wanted to say that having aneurysm surgery is tough anytime of the year but for those of you who are having it during the Holiday Season it has to be even harder! My thoughts and many prayers go out to all of you and your families. It feels stupid to say Merry Christmas so what I am going to wish you is a positive & healthy Christmas with wishes for a better & healthier New Year!!

((((holiday Hugs))))

Hi puts so much into perspective through the Holiday season...and remember what is really important...

Cheers to dear for a Better Year upcoming...You deserve it more than anyone...

Cyber~prayers and good wishes your way ... Colleen

Well put Kimberly!!!!

You are indeed Unique, even eloquent!! so we need to change your name from Ms. Unique to Ms. Uniquely-Eloquent!!


xxxxxx are unique in every aspect...

Hugs and prayers to you and all during Christmas and into a rewarding New Year.


Colleen I hope so much that you have a wonderful holiday filled with love and good health!!!

Your a wonderful person and YOU deserve it!!

Merry Christmas!!

Love, Kimberley


Linda I am sure that I know of a few people that would die laughing if they read this..LOL

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Love, Kimberley

Pat, many wishes for a beautiful Holiday season to you and your's....

Love, Kimberley