Hope you all had a happy christmas

Hello everyone, haven't been on he site for a while. Hope you are all well.

I have been doing too much atound the house lately and unfortuneately i got sick. I was over doing things and i ende up in hospital. My blood pressure dropped so low that i had to stay in hospital for a few days. My symptoms` were very dizzy and really weak, also hard to breathe.

Well i learnt my lesson and am resting up. Even though i had my brain surgery 12 months ago, i realize that i'm not as strong as i used to be before the surgery, my brain couldn't cope with all that work. Getting ready for my next craniotomy in 4 weeks.

Any way i had a lovely and happy christmas with my family and all is well.

So glad to read that you are on the road to recovery missed you.

Heyya Nikster! Glad to see you and that you're okay! Missed you!

hi Nikki- so sorry to hear the complications---remember moderation and rest are vital, praying now for you and the surgeons. Think positive that this Spring (Autumn for you) -I think-lol - you will be completely healed! Take care and let us know when you are able- missed you, so glad they got you fixed up in time for Christmas, Happy New Year precious one!

Glad you are doing better Tara...you need to listen to your body...glad you had a Merry Christmas...now Cheers to a Happy and Healthier 2013...~ Cyber~hugs your way ~ Colleen

Hi Nikki,

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. That's what it is all about. My son and his wife and children were with us for a couple of days over Christmas. I really miss them but we are going to see them tomorrow for a couple of days.

It's good to see that you are doing well and continue to rest and listen to your body. I'm doing very well since my craniotomy and am so amazed at how fast my recovery is going. I notice I get very cold in the evening and it's hard to warm up. My husband got me an electric throw for Christmas which is very nice. Happy that you are well. Take care and rest,


Thanks Lynn, Jo, Tara, Ron, Colleen and Bonnie.

God Bless

Love Nikki xx

Hi nikki, Been thinking about you! glad your feeling better but sorry for the hospital visit. We also had a very nice holiday and glad yours was too. Take care of yourself. donna w

Hi Nikki

I haven't been on in a while too. hope you are still resting I wish you health and happiness in 2013

Bless you

Chris xx