4 day non stop headache!?

Hi Everyone,

First off, it has been exactly a year since I suffered a SAH. Ironically, for the past few days I have been dealing with a left sided headache that has not gone away with the treatment of Tylenol. I went to the emergency room where they ordered a CT scan. The CT was negative but I still have this headache. Could this possibly be a sentinel bleed from a new aneurysm that? The headache is not severe but extremely annoying. I really do not want to experience another SAH. I was clipped this past February.

this is probably "left overs" from the dried blood and from the invader in there- i still get little pinches and shooting pains 3 .5 yrs post coiled sah, but nooooo more sah- we must keep the faith & think positive- it is crutial to our recovery. Happy first brother -i hope you or someone does something nice for you, we dont celebrate the anniversery here but i would not be opposed to a lunch or dinner on june 26th!! umm maybe your dr could recommend something stronger or different-- is there a pain reliever that has worked in the past? your pcp could help you hopefully-we'll keep you in our thoughts & prayers

Hi jameel, I can understand your worry-I was told if the headache was not "severe" probably not to worry!!! Those of us who have been thru sah will always worry. I would keep in touch with the doc. and see what they say. wish u well. donna w

Hi Jameel, I don't think we can answer your question, however, that being said, the ER should have been able to give you something stronger to help with the headache...also you should contact your General Doctor and/or Neurologist and let him/her know what is going on and what you think is happening...~ Colleen