Headaches after SAH

Hi, I experienced a ruptured aneurysm with significant sized SAH in late April. I still have spinal cord pain, which is improving. Also have headaches. My doc says I still can’t take Ibuprofen due to the hemorrhage Tylenol don’t help much. Still taking Oxycodone when it gets really bad. How long do headaches last? Any suggestions to relieve the pain? Thanks!

I was coiled...and after coiling I had daily headaches for about 3 months (bad)...and took feroicet...after 3 months they would come every few weeks and continued 18 months later...it is part of my new normal...on this journey...never had headached before the big one and then after coiling...

Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

hi Teresa!-my headaches diminished gradually right around 2-3 months post, my big complaint was neck pain that was like a cramp. lying on my back and tylenol always helped,you are still early in the healing process so hang in there, our prayers & thoughts are with you & yours

Thanks for the info and encouragement, Ron! (:>

Thanks, Colleen! I have heard of that med. Will check with my doc. (:>