My Story (September 2012)

I started getting dizzy then a couple of days later I got a terrible headache. I went to ER but they sent me home after giving me pain meds and said that I had a migraine, I followed up with my doctor and he sent me to a neurologist. My head would not stop hurting. The neurologist said that I had a small bleed and that it had stopped on its on. I have been out of work for 3 months now for headaches, weakness, to my right side some memory problems but the headaches are the worst. At times it feels like someone is taking a ball bat to my head. I asked my doctor about physical therapy and they said that it could make things worse so I am just sitting at home and doing things on my on ( walking and riding a stationary bike). The only thing my doctor tells me is not to do anything extreme... I am currently on a medicine called topamax to prevent migiraines. The thing is I hardly had headaches before this happened and even with this medicine I still feel a lot of pressure in my head but I can't get any answers from my doctor has anyone else had the same issue?



Hi Kim and Again Welcome to BAF ~

I am so happy you shared your story and anticipate your many of us mis~diagnosed and/or told information that was so hard to understand...hopefully, BAF will enlighten you ... ~ wishing you a headache free day ~ Colleen


I yet get so overwhelmed...nine years ago...I had three emrgencies in 29 days; saw 7+ docs (including the Board Certified ER leaders) plus all the other team members...of all seven...before a basic CT w/o contrast dye, diagnoes a subarachnoid hemorrhage...the following angio confirmed aneurysm by size, location. I saw PCP immediatedy following the first ER...Nine-years suggests little improvement in adequate diagnosis..

Have you been off work the three months since your first ER?

What testing did you have, i.e. MRI/A, CT/A, or angiogram?

Did the neuro tell you if it was an aneurysm that bled or some other artery wall rupture or whatever it may be?

Have your headaches been worse since you began the topamax? Google "topamax side effects" ...

If you set up another appointment, do you have family/friend who can/will accompany you as an advocate? Can you set up a list of questions to take w/you; i.e. artery/segment, size and everything else that comes to your thoughts including any side effects...

Wishes and prayers for your best diagnostic / treatment results...and in googling side effects...



Yes I have been off work since September. The test that I have had are MRI/MRA CT Scan and Spinal tap and what my Neuro doctor said is that I had a small bleed and that it stopped on its on but it took so long for me to get MRI that they couldn't tell where it came from (insurance kept denying the scans). I am getting a 2nd opinion on 1/2/13. Its hard to get into to see a neurologist where I live waiting list is long. Headaches have gotten a little better since the doctor upped my meds to 200 mg. but I don't like how the meds make me feel but I guess if it makes the headaches stop I will just have to deal with the side effects for now. I am concerned about the pressure that I feel in my head. My next appt with my neuro isn't until March.

Thanks for your help,


Kimber I'm concerned we haven't heard anything from you for quite sometime now...I hope you're alright! Thinking about you and hoping we hear from you SOON, Peace, Janet

hello Kim, I too am concerned we haven't heard from you. Hopefully, your being taken care of. donna w