2nd Follow Up post-coil/stent scheduled for Wed

Hi BAFriends....

So I've scheduled my second post-surgery follow up for this Wednesday. My original surgery - coils/stent on 1 aneurysm - was 14mos ago. I also have 2 watch-and-wait aneurysms. First follow-up was an angio done 6mos later (in early April), and everything looked great. This next follow up was supposed to be a year from the angio, but I've decided to move ahead of schedule and do it before we go to Mexico for 2 weeks, just for the peace of mind. And from now on my f/u's are MRA's, not angios, so there's no procedure to be anxious about or recover from.

We go to Mexico every year right after Christmas, and I realized that my anxiety was up because of the thought of being in Mexico w/ 2 watch-and-wait aneurysms, and that if I get checked every December rather than every April, I can go into the trip with peace of mind. So.....obviously a little scared, but I really have the feeling everything will be okay. I know that the coiled one healed perfectly and won't give me more trouble - so the hope is that the 2 smaller ones are stable.

Prayers and good wishes happily accepted!!!

Thanks - hope you all are doing well.



Jaycie, I think you made a great decision; your comfort level is so important.

Wishing you a warm and wonderfully Merry Christmas and beginning a grand and Happy New year.

Hugs and prayers for wonderful results and an enjoyable annual trip.


Thank you Pat! I hope that you are well and having a great holiday season!

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have the "all-clear!"

Hope everything went well. I’m sure it did. My wife and I leave for Mexico a month from tomorrow.


Hope all went well, please let us know and I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.

Enjoy your trip!!!


Wow - a follow up MRA is WWWWAAAAYYYY different than a follow-up angio! It was one 10-minute scan, that's it. Didn't even use any contrast.

No results yet, though I did think I'd hear from either my neurosurgeon or neurologist today - so hopefully tomorrow.

I know some docs to all follow-ups as angios - mine does the initial 6mos as an angio (which I had last March) and then moves to MRA's. Thank God! It was so much easier!

Thanks for the support - will keep you posted :)

Remind me where you're going in Mexico? Cancun?

So delighted...one step at a time...so glad to know you had an MRA vs the angio-radiation.

I am really confused in an MRA not having contrast. Please ask for verification on that.

Hugs and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Jaycie to You and Your family...!

I will being saying positive prayers for your MRA...Doc's making me do an angio again on June 12th of 2012...maybe after that MRA's...I hope...

I will be "out of pocket" from BAF starting Friday until Friday...so good luck and good news...

xoxoxoxox Colleen

I also expected contrast - but that's when they're checking brain structures, not arteries, according to the technician. My doctor's nurse confirmed that that was correct - I was thinking they might have messed up, but apparantly no contrast! Which is a very good thing!

I just had my 6 month MRA and it too was without contrast. I'm not sure why, but I'm going to ask my surgeon next week when I have my angio!!

So thrilled everything went well for you!

Linda...definitely good...the MRAs also have much lower radiation than angios...

Occidentl Xcaret resort. South of Cancun near Playa del Carmen. Cerveza por favor!

I have been keeping you in my thoughts, waiting to hear that GREAT results!!!

Your trip is going to be wonderful without worry!!!...

Oh btw I don't remember telling you that you could take a vacation..hmmmm...LOL

Lots of Hugs!!

Great results!!! Again told that there;s "no residual aneurysm" (ie - the coiled one is no longer technically an aneurysm" and that continues to hold true.

No comment on my 2 small ones - my neurosurgeon is away and then I'm away, so I won't speak w him for a few weeks, but I spoke w my neurologist, who looked at the preliminary report as well as the scans themselves, and he said there was no mention of the 2 small ones....at the very least that should mean that they haven't grown, because if they were bigger they would have been noted. He does want to talk w the neurosurgeon and have him also review the scans, since he's much more familiar w viewing MRA/aneurysm scans.

I wish there was some comment on the small ones, but my neuro said that they aren't always picked up when they;re small - so that must be good news!!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year!

We all deserve a great holiday season!




I would take the no comment as GREAT NEWS!!!!..Now you can go on your vacation and just have a good time!!!!

Still waiting for you to ask me if you can even go...LOL

Loves ya!!


Why don't you come along? MUST be warmer than a Swedish winter!!! Thomas will be there too....tho on a different coast of Mexico....we can share Margaritas!!!

What the heck time is it in Sweden? Must be sometime on Friday - it's almost 930pm Thursday here in sunny SoCal :)

Great results; so nice you have this all set aside to engjoy with comfort, your trip to Mexico.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...happy everything!



It's 6:48am...I would love to go but ummm I was told I can't go anywhere just yet other wise I would have gone home to Michigan for Christmas this year.. It's a heat wave here..LOL..Only 30 degrees out, bathing suit weather...LOL