6 month angiogram tomorrow!

My 6 month angiogram is finally here. March 5 I was coiled for a bleeding aneurysm, and have my angio tomorrow morning, Sept. 13 (go in at 6am). Eager to get the results; days crept by and it seemed tomorrow would never come. I am also getting nervous, of course, as the fear I experienced in the hospital keeps trying to bubble to the surface. But I feel good today, eager for tomorrow to be a day of celebration! Best wishes and prayers to everyone with your upcoming procedures!

You will be in my prayers!!! Dr. Windische is so good I would REALLY be surprised if everything doesn’t go great!!! Tell him I said Hello and let us know all is well when you can!!! Get the Minx closure if you can!!! Hugs to you my friend!!!

thank you!!! feeling anxious and of course a little scared....but I'm optimistic and ready for great news! Yeah- they did the Minx on me last time, so I bet they will again. It was great. Hope the versed effects me the same it did last time....I didn't know or feel a thing; it knocked me out. And I so hope I do get to see Dr. Windisch before/after. He's such a wonderful man and surgeon. Hope you're doing great!

I pray all turns out wondeful!!!

Dear Cindy:

Did I understand correctly ? Have you had your coil already and are going to check it with the angio tomorrow, or are you going to have the coil tomorrow ?

Me, I don't know what to do. I say to myself, well, if this anny is here for a long time then perhaps it won't rupture. At my age it's better to let the nature do its job. Am I right ? I don't know !

Good luck with you tomorrow.


Hi Jo, how are you ?

I am in Belgium today and I pray for all of us ! Do you have ti do an angio after a coil or stent procedure ? On october 9th, I'll put a note on my calendar and I'll pray for you this day !

This doctor in Belgium told me that I need to do the procedure because I have 3% chances per year of rupture, but the procedure risk is 2%.

I cannot make up my mind. I find you all so courageous to make the decision ? I just cannot make up my mind.

Good luck to you, Cindy, and everybody.


Thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers. I am so happy to report that all went perfectly. There is no evidence of compaction at all. Coils seem to be doing their job. I have my official appointment with my neurosurgeon to discuss the findings Tuesday…but the interventional radiologist was very pleased! I was awake this time, where previously I was foggy and out from the meds…but it wasn’t that unpleasant at all. Side effects were far fewer than my first experience too- no headache, auras, nausea after. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. What a relief after 6 months of uncertainty. I pray for just as positive experience for you all in your upcoming procedures.

Hello, Michelle. Yes, I presented with bleeding annie in March and was coiled March 5. This was my 6 month angio to see how it was working. I posted my results above…all looked great!

It is a tough decision I am sure on whether to have surgery if you’ve had no symptoms. For me, mine was already bleeding, so taking care of it was very urgent. I pray you help get the answers you need and the peace of mind you need as you seek the answer that is right for you. If I were in the same position, I would probably have the procedure done as the uncertainty and worry would get the best of me. But that’s just me and how I am. Please feel free to ask any questions about my experience with surgery and I’d be happy to share.


Thanks, Jo. I know what you mean about being scared to be awake; I was terrified of that too…and was hoping the Versed would knock me out like last time, but no such luck. But I was surprised at how “pleasant” an experience it was. I felt some of the pinch of incision,etc…numbed of course…but it was ever so brief…no worse than the fishing around to start my IV. I thought I would freak knowing what they were doing, but the meds had me calm. I had my eyes closed and “saw” a few moments of flashy sparks but no discomfort at all. I was truly waiting for my meds to send me to sleep when I heard him say already to the team “we’re done.” it was only 10 minutes if even that. And it was actually kind of nice to be coherent enough to visit with the radiologist right after and ask him lots of questions. I will be thinking of you come October 9 and hope you have just as smooth an experience. Hopefully hearing of mine helps a little bit.


Hi Cindy:

I am so happy for you. It's great ! I wish I can say the same sometime ! Wish you the best


Thank you, Michele. I hope you are able to get the info you need to help you in making the decision that is right for you. There are many on this site that have had to face the same decision....of whether to treat an unruptured aneurysm, like Jo and Kelly who both replied above.... I hope the perspectives from all of these individuals help you. Some also have small aneurysms that are just being watched for now....but at the same time there are also others on this site that have been told theirs is inoperable and they would give anything to be able to have surgery. So many different scenarios and considerations. I pray you find the answer that is best for you. It is a daunting decision, I know. If you haven't already found it, there is a group entitled something like "Living with unruptured aneurysm" that may offer some good connections for you also.

All my best,


Thank you so much! How are you feeling, Kelly?


Hi Cindy:

I suppose the results of your angio are good and even excellent ! If so I am so glad !

Please tell me ! How do you feel ? What did the doctor say ?

And thank you so much for your prayers and your concern. I didn't know that for some people, it was impossible to operate.

I think I am afraid of a mistake by the doctor. After all they are not god and a mistake is always possible ! Sometimes, a second of inattention makes the whole difference.

But, I agree about the tough decision to make, especially when you feel OK. You say to yourself:

Why bring harsh problems to myself (surgery, coil and all) and risk to be paralyzed and death, when I feel good. Shouldn't I give myself a longer good life while it's here ? Shouldn't I wait until something bad happens (rupture or headache) and then make a decision then ? Thus, I will prolong and enjoy my life while it's still time ! FOR ME, going through the procedure is like putting a knife in my own heart !

But I am still searching and looking for a good doctor. I might go to America and make an appointment with a good doctor. I would prefer to go to a state or city where doctors are excellent, yet less expensive than cities like NEW YORK. At least I think so, but perhaps it is the same price everywhere ? I don't know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bye Cindy and take it easy