Angio DONE - Great results!

Hi everyone-

I had my 6 month follow up angio this morning and I did great and the results were great. My coiled/stented big aneurysm is FIXED and no longer even an aneurysm - it's completely sealed off. My surgeon said that there's a 99.5% chance that it will NEVER need more surgery - that typically he can see signs at this 6mos angio if there will be problems down the road.

The 2 small aneurysms are unchanged, which is also good news.

Also, and I didn't know there could be this type of info, he said that he also looks for areas in the brain that look vulnerable or in danger of developing aneurysms, and that all other areas of my brain look good.

SOOOOO - HUGE sigh of relief.

And tho not under general anesthesia, I don't remember a thing from the procedure, except that at some point I had the vague thought that one of my cats was on my stomach!

Next follow up will be w MRA in 1 year.

My angio was at 8, I was discharged at 1, and would have left sooner but my blood pressure was too low.

I'm sore, but happy! And happy trumps sore!

Thanks for all the good wishes,


Wonderful news Jaycie. It gives hope and encouragement to those of us who have had large aneurysms coiled and stented and are anxiously waiting for our first follow up appointment. Now you can relax and enjoy life again!

Best wishes Caro

Yippie! Great news Jaycie!! I am very happy for you.

YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...! OH MY GOD Jaycee...I have thought and prayed for you all day ... I am so happy ... Good news...and I like that they checked other weak areas in the brain... I feel that we both feel similar with healing, etc., now I feel very good for you....and for my upcoming 6 mos June...

Have a Beautiful and feel better...!

Cyber ~ hugs Colleen

Yeah!!! I told you you would do great.

yayyyy jaycie…excellent news…and life just keeps getting better…will have my 2 yr anny in oct 11…the more time i feel safe the better life gets…its amazing where medical technology is these days…have a beautiful life!God bless

Jayce, that is awesome news. I am so happy for you. Rest and then celebrate!

JC...I am delighted for you...and, for the quality of your neuro-care...please send hugs to him/her for us...

Please share info on the two small ones...i.e. location...

You and I are low BP...and I woud like to bring others forward .... because, even in this BAF site there is reference to hypertensiveness...the percentage is low, i.e. 15 % are hypertensive.. My family/friends were told I was hypertensive...and never told my BP... there are no records to support high BP...even days between emergencies and MD hellth care...there are no records of hypertension...

JC...I am so happy/pleased for you and the openness / quality of your md... for explaining so much...



Hi Pat -

thanks for your continual support!

I know that high BP is a risk factor for aneurysm formation/rupture, but I am somebody w/ no risk factors, other than family history (my dad had a ruptured aneurysm, but he had EVERY risk factor, so I question whether there is even a genetic link w/ us).

My blood pressure has always been on the low side, and I take a low dose beta-blocker in addition, which also contributes to it being low. I was 88/36 while in recovery! That's why they wanted to keep me until it went up - once I sat up in got over 100, which was good for me.

I will look up the specifics on my other 2 smaller aneurysms and get back to you. I believe both are carotid, opthalmic, but not 100% sure.

How are you doing?

Congrats-so happy for you, and you should continue to feel better.

We hear that blah-de-blah on BP... I have never had a BP issue...nor most all of you who I have met locally or on this site...For those that do have BP issues...they need the care and testing/diagnosis of any cause... like PKD... or whatever else...

Thank you to all of you who have been blessed with excellent care and have shared it... I am delighted for you... and we need that encouragement.


Snoopy dancing! That’s such great news!

This is just wonderful news!!!!

I am so so so so happy for you!!!!!!

Now it's time to live life to it's fullest!!!!!

I can go on and on and on but I won't, I think you get the point... :-)



Thank you Colleen!!!! It's a wonderful wonderful feeling. I feel so much safer than I have in 6 mos. I'm so happy that I don't need to be looked at for another YEAR and then it will just be MRA. You will do fine in June --- so many people said to me that the fact that I've been feeling good meant that my results would be good, and they were all right. My surgeon was great - and he's not one to sugar-coat things.

Do you have a date yet? I will be here cheering YOUR good results! Your support means so much.


Thank you Thomas — I am so happy to say you were right! Talk about relief!

Thanks again everyone. I know that my road isn’t over - with 2 more small ones still there - but it just got one hell of a lot smoother! To know that my big one is no longer an aneurysm is so free-ing. I feel safer than I have since this all began - I feel a confidence in life that had gotten pretty shaky. I wish us all good health.

I'm new to this so please bear with me. I'm so happy that your angio turned out great. Gives me hope that eventually I will have a good one. Enjoy!!!!!!!! I had my 6 mos check up the end of March & it wasn't as good as I wanted. I have another annie that is growing but the docs decided to wait and check me again in 6 mos. Surprisingly, I didn't feel anything with the angiogram, but slept for about 4 hours after. Like you my schedule was at 8 and I left at 5. Long hard day. Everything seems so hard to do. My right side has been effected, but I'm fighting. Just got back from water therapy. I like it, but its tough.

Hugs & prayers, Aggie