25 February 2024 newest members

Good morning! I’m looking at the last full moon of Winter and it’s very pretty. I have to thank our early riser for it since it was my turn to get up with her and so the day begins. Before we get to welcoming our newest members I wanted to share something. We were watching NCIS and the show was a tribute to David McCallum (Ducky). There was a line in which Palmer (Brien Dietzen) remembers Ducky telling him “Change is the essence of life”. It struck a major chord as everyone here has to face change and either accept it, work with it and grow stronger because of it or we fight it. I wanted to know who wrote this originally and came up with two, Heraclitus a Greek Philosopher and Reinhold Niebuhr an American minister were the two my internet search came up with. Interestingly Niebuhr is also credited with the Serenity prayer. It reminded me that change is inevitable. To me, what’s important is the way we accept it. Do we find it a challenge or a block wall, perhaps both. In my younger days, I found hurdles something to jump over. As I became older, I found I can most times simply walk around them. Now for our welcoming new members!

@Lizq in Athens Greece. Liza has already started a new topic found here Caught by surprise, now have decision to make!. Her mother had an unruptured aneurysm clipped at age 66 and is now 78. Liza recently had an MRA and has learned she too has an aneurysm 4mm on her Internal Carotid Artery. She shares much more in her topic, please click on the link and read more of what she is going through.

@Cajunurse is in Wisconsin. Yes, it surprised me, as I thought of Louisiana first😂. Michele was treated with coils and a clip for a ruptured aneurysm in 2004. She spent two months in a coma and ICU. Being a retired ICU RN, I imagine she knew what all the beeps and needles were once she woke up. We are happy you survived and found us!

@Adrenajen is up in Montana. Jennie has three cerebral aneurysms. She’d been having headaches for five months with misdiagnoses and medications that weren’t working. I’m unsure how she did it but she went to the Emergency Department and asked for more diagnostics. I’m impressed with her self advocacy! A CT scan was ordered and found a 19 mm fusiform aneurysm a week later an angiogram showed another two. Jennie shares that she’s ok with being scared if she’s prepared. She wasn’t prepared for the results of the angiogram. Jennie would like to have more tools to deal with fear and to be prepared for what lies ahead. She is grateful that the aneurysms were found before they ruptured. Jennie would also very much like to share her story with others and help them get through this. We would like to read more of your story too! We also have a lot of tools in our bag to share!

That’s this week’s welcomes and a warm welcome it is! Please start a new topic under the General or Support tab.

If you want to respond to a topic or post, watch the month and year. I have to close older ones and will reply if it is. I usually wait a day to see if any of the original members in the topic reply.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!