20 November 2022

Good Morning Y’all! Winter is coming here in the South. This past week the slopes up in the NC Mountains were making snow, brrr. Getting time for cuddling in front of the fireplace but of course I’m a bit behind in splitting firewood. The bright side is there will finally be no fire ants to worry about for a few months…what are your positives for the upcoming winter?

Another positive is welcoming our newest members -

@SunshineKasey is in Idaho and needs our support. Kasey says living on borrowed time and knows there’s a reason for still being alive.

@twirlygirl is in New Jersey Josette has an aneurysm which was recently diagnosed and needs to have an angiogram. She’s scared and a bit confused as most are with an incidental finding.

@lil2 is in New York. Sarah has been coiled for an unruptured aneurysm

@Dfrancoesq is also in New York. DeeDee had a ruptured aneurysm and is unsure of treatment.

We do hope the new folks start a topic or jump in. Seems they are in the same boat as the rest of us needing a bit of support to help them along with their journey. Welcome to all!


Thank you for allowing me to join. I’m a little confused and overwhelmed but I’m trying to figure it all out. I have been reading through a lot of the posts here and I must say some have been helpful, and some have been scary.

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Don’t focus on the scary stories. The vast majority of aneurysms never cause a problem and do not require repair. Hopefully you are in that majority. If not, you’ll take it one step at a time and take comfort that it was found in time to make careful deliberate decisions. Many people here have scary stories and have overcome great adversity. All these individuals are amazing, inspiring, and add grace and beauty to this world of ours. But while it is very scary for you right now, i hope that you will not have to join these ranks, and that your aneurysm story remains boring and uneventful. Until then, we’re all here to lend a hand however we can.

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Please do not worry… I know it’s hard not to. Surround yourself with good Dr care, and listen to them. If they say rest, REST. If they say exercise, MOVE. :). Yoga has helped me beyond words! And check in here often. It really does help, the people here are wonderful!

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