3 March 2024 Welcoming our newest members!

Good morning y’all! We are officially into March, can you believe it? Some of us have finished celebrating Passover, some are looking forward to Easter and the end of Lent. One year when I was in college, I gave up drinking for Lent. I attended the second most drinking university at the time, Snd Diego was the first. Went with some friends who were playing one of those drinking games and as I remained sober, I was afforded the luxury of seeing how dangerously funny drunks can be. Everything in moderation, a good life lesson! Do y’all remember my skunk story? Did you know it’s breeding season for skunks? Just saying….now let’s get on to our welcomes!

@Naydena is up in Michigan. Nyah shares she is a caretaker to her husband who had been having a headache that was progressing. He thought it was due to the back to back head colds he’d been having. Fortunately the VA (Veteran’s Administration medical clinic or center) sent him to the ER when he told them he had a pounding headache that was effecting his vision. The ER ran several tests and a CT scan where they found a 20mm aneurysm located between his optic nerve and close to the pituitary gland. Fortunately it didn’t rupture and he was able to have an emergency coil embolization. Nyah and her husband have been married for 30 years. Her husband is an Air Force veteran. Please thank him for his service Nyah and yours as well. It’s never just the service member who deals with the service is it?

@JackieRo is up in Alberta, Canada. Jackie had her aneurysm clipped in November 2023. They found an aneurysm on her MCA (middle cerebral artery) in September 2023. Her neurosurgeon was very clear in his recommendation and said it had to be clipped because of its location. Jackie also shares she and her husband are raising their two young children in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta which I imagine is a wonderful place to raise children. She is also a teacher and will be able to return to work next month! Fortunately a RN at their clinic told her about us and she’s found it helpful! Please tell your RN we thank her the next time you see her. It’s greatly appreciated.

@Rose is down in Florida. Rose experienced a ruptured aneurysm and was flown to a hospital. Rose shares she had two very long surgeries, one took two separate days! She has no memory of being in ICU as she was sedated for most of the time. She’d been intubated for about two weeks. When she came around, she was half paralyzed and wasn’t able to speak. It’s taking her a long time to get back to herself and even after 15 months still isn’t there yet. Rose has joined us to find ways to deal with any brain issues we have after an SAH. You’ve found the right place Rose, many of us have issues after a rupture and we can share what we do!

@Ciaran1998 joins us from Ireland. He shares he’s 25 years old who suffers with a lot of health anxiety over brain aneurysms. He wonders if he should be screened ugh he has no risk factors. He does experience a weird pressure that’s not sore behind his nose and the roof of his mouth. He feels like it’s a brain aneurysm pressing against his nose. He shares he is super paranoid of brain aneurysms and all his GP did was put him on anti anxiety medication instead of referring him to a Neurologist. We have a lot of questions on why you feel it’s a brain aneurysm, please start a new topic.

That’s the round up for this week! Please start a new topic under General or Support tab by clicking on either and then the blue “+” sign. It’s a great way to introduce yourself and ask any questions, you can also just jump into any existing topic by replying. Please be careful on posting to newer rather than older topics simply because the older ones may not get a reply and I’ll have to close them the next day. If you have any questions about navigating this site, reach out to me (@Moltroub) or the wonderful folks @ModSupport and we will help you. Also remember we are a world wide support group and it can take awhile for a response due to the different time zones. Have a great week!

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