18 Dec 2022 members to welcome!

Isn’t this time of year beautiful? Ok, every season is beautiful to me and I’m fortunate to live in an area that has all four seasons. I used to get frustrated with oak leaves as they seem to start falling first and then all the way into Spring, the. I came to the realization we are all like Oak trees, we keep on keeping on!

This week starts us with @lydia up in Chicago Illinois who has already posted her first topic! She’s looking for support as she’s a bit overwhelmed. Please help her out Support Needed…please - #5 by Moltroub. She really needs some folks who’ve been on the watch list…

@SarahC is in Cumbria United Kingdom pregnant and awaiting clipping! Sarah has also done her first reply found here Pregnant newly found unruptured aneurysm under @HeatherAnn’s first topic. For all the members who’ve been pregnant or had partners pregnant, please offer some words of advice for both these ladies!

@Dessertsrule is out west in California. Liz has two aneurysms discovered six months ago, one at 8mm and the other at 3mm. She’s waiting to make an appointment with a surgeon based on recommendation of her Neurologist and telling her teens. Liz, let us know how we can support you in waiting and the telling.

@Joy1302 is in Norfolk England. Jordan has had a time of it with 8 operations, Shunt revisions 3 times, a plate for the craniotomy md lasting effects on left side of body coupled with vision issues. Jordan, start a new topic or join in one one that’s already existing, we would love to hear more of your story!

@Fede rounds this week up. Federico is in Sydney Australia. Federica has just been diagnosed with a wide neck aneurysm and is waiting to see the Neurosurgeon. She’s thinks she’ll be put on the watch and wait list due to size which is making her more anxious than surgery. What’s mazing is she is Italian and moved to Australia then decided to change careers and is becoming a Nutritionist! Federico please start a new topic as well!

That’s our roundup for this week y’all! If you haven’t seen this post Music that inspires us - #14 by oct20. I encourage you to do so, @oct20 has shared one phenomenal singer from Norway. We would also like to hear music that inspires you!

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