Pregnant newly found unruptured aneurysm


Less than a week ago, I learned that I have a 3mm cavernous ICA. That’s all I know. I’m also 17 weeks pregnant with my second child. I’m 34 years old.

My meeting with my Neurologist is in a few days and it will be about a month until I speak with Neurosurgeon.

Of course, I’m scared about the aneurysm discovery and the fact that I’m currently pregnant while having to deal with this. I don’t know what will be recommended.

What questions should I be asking in this situation?

Anyone who has been in this boat too through pregnancy? What advice would you share?


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Welcome Heather! If you do a search on pregnancy here, it will lead you to several members who have been pregnant with an aneurysm. I hope they come and answer your questions.

I would ask your OB/GYN if they work with a Neurosurgeon so as to communicate with each other what would be best for you and your baby. Perhaps they both have privileges at the same hospital. Make sure they are willing to communicate with each other and not use you and they will address this in a team approach. Make sure they communicate with their colleagues as it’s sometimes the case the baby decides to come and your doctors are off duty. I’ve told my specialists I want everyone rowing in the same canoe, in the same direction.

When you do your research online, stay with studies that are less than ten years old, five is even better. The field of Neurosurgery changes quickly. It seems as I recall the Japanese have more cerebral aneurysms than any other country, so don’t discount what other countries have found. France has done a lot of studies with cerebral aneurysms, but I don’t know about pregnancy and aneurysms.

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I have not had an aneurysm while pregnant. I had an aneurysm much beyond that after I went through menopause. Keep in mind with the pregnancy, your blood volume will double very important with you to speak with your OB/GYN.

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I thought I’d introduce myself. It’s my first post on here.

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with two aneurysms. Bilateral paraopthalmic one 7mm and one 4mm.

I found out about the aneurysms in March this year when my son was six months old. I’d had a headache and went to A&E. Went into blind panic and pulled out all the stops to arrange surgery privately in June this year because I was so scared. I went into have the first of the aneurysms clipped and as I was about to sign consent a nurse came and told me I was pregnant again. Only one day late - the line was so faint they had to do a blood test to check. We hadn’t planned it - we struggled to have our son, And had been careful so it was a total shock. They refused to operate and I was devastated. Even if she is a miracle given our pregnancy history.

I’ve been monitored with MRIs every three months (2x scans so far) got the results of my second scan yesterday and they think both Annie’s have grown - so being sent for another scan in January. No idea what the plan will be if they have grown again but expecting this could mean surgery pretty immediately whilst pregnant.

In terms of pregnancy and the Annie’s - I’ve been told pregnancy doesn’t increase risk too much, whilst blood pressure could increase, actually you tend to be more conservative with strenuous activity which would reduce risk.

I measure BP twice a day. Anything over 130 and I need to tell my Neurosurgeon. I’ve been scheduled for a c-section and am having regular growth scans. I also take aspirin daily but that is to limit risk of pregnancy loss - which I have suffered with previously. Although I have read aspirin can reduce Annie rupture risk - no idea of this is true!

If you need someone to talk to I’m happy to be there. This is a scary time, no doubt - but we must just keep moving forward.

I hope your appointment went well.


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What a wonderful first post Ms. Sarah! I have also read that aspirin helps and don’t know if it’s true or not. My sister also struggled to have children and when they gave up and decided to adopt, she became pregnant. Her three all have children of their own. I must be getting old as many of them are finishing up their education and starting their careers or having the next generation😂

I hope you and @HeatherAnn both have a safe pregnancy and delivery with a healthy happy baby!

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I wanted to ask how you are doing? I hope you are all ok.

How are you and your baby?