17 September 2023 our newest members!

It’s raining! Thank you Mother Nature! She has reduced my work load by providing a bit of water which means I don’t have to get the sprinkler out to water the base soil for the tractor shed! Rain will help the type of soil the grader uses, which I’m told is the next best thing to Georgia clay which we can’t get here in NC, it’s two States north. Speaking of rain, we had a bit last Sunday whilst unloading lumber from the trailer. BH took a head dive off the ramp which when wet gets slippery, really slippery being metal. Bam! right into the dirt which has a lot of rocks, off flew the glasses and in came all my issues like a bad hurricane. I wanted to call the A clan to come help BH up, then the EMTs but was told to wait. Eventually helped BH up and into the small shed, sat on a roll of ground fabric and got our wind back. I asked what BH was doing and was told unloading lumber. I knew that, but I had brought the lumber to the edge and there wasn’t really a need to get on the ramp but a foot or so. There was a heck of a lot of facial swelling right near an eye and BH says “I’m going to tell everyone you punched me in the eye”. Dead serious, I said “Well if you do that, I’ll be arrested on DV charges and you’ll have to bail me out right away. Then we will have to pay for court and an attorney and all that rigamaroll. Besides that, you told me to slow down on the spending because of the tractor shed.” I got a laugh out of BH for that one and I was able to calm down. The bruises that came wasn’t as bad as we thought they’d be. No one where BH works even believed I’d still be walking if I ever gave a punch lol. DV is very serious and perhaps I shouldn’t make light of it. If any of you are involved in Domestic Violence, there is help and please seek it, whether a victim or abuser, there is help. If you need to know how to access the help in your area, just PM me @Moltroub and I will help you find the agency in your area. Enough of my lectures, let’s get on to the welcomes!

We only have one, a very important one as each are, @shalinigeethaC is up in Seattle, Washington. Seattle gets a bit of rain in case anyone didn’t know, it’s a beautiful area! Shalini’s mother is 72 years young and has two aneurysms found incidentally. One of which is on the right side and one in the center. The doctor has advised coiling. She would like her mother to get a second opinion as to if coiling is the right way to go or if her mother should just have them watched. We would have a lot of questions on this wouldn’t we, to help her out. Please start a new topic under the General tab and we can provide our experience.

My saying for this week is on patience

“Hasty climbers have sudden falls.” -Robert Greene

Have a great week everybody!