11 February 2024

It’s that time again when we get to welcome our newest members and I ramble a bit too much. Let’s start with the rambling since I learned that the most important things in a story are at the end and that, of course, would be the welcoming of our new members!

Did y’all catch I put the wrong year in a couple weeks ago? I changed it whilst laughing as I really don’t want to repeat last year.

This past week has been a trial to my brain and I had to finally take what I call “Sergey’s pill”. I forget the proper name but it’s a medication for anxiety that I’m supposed to keep with me at all times and never do. We’ve hired a wonderful, hard working 16 year old woman who can run circles around me even though I try to keep up. It’s exhausting! Monday we finished emptying the shed BH and I decided to bring to the new place and all was well, almost. She drove my pretty new pick up since I don’t drive when school buses are on the road. The 12’ trailer isn’t easy to back up and she was doing her best. When she pulled forward to straighten it out she ran over the well! We heard it and felt the truck go up on relatively flat land. I hollered for her to back up. To say she was upset would be an understatement, but she offered to pay for the damages. I declined her offer. She offered to pay half. Declining again, I told her what would make me happier would be for her to put all the money she makes from us into an account so she can have some money when she’s older. BH greed wholeheartedly on the plan and she agreed, giving her word.

I ended up having to turn the breaker off to the well as water was going everywhere. Being a shared well, I called the neighbor and told him there wasn’t going g to be any water until I was able to get hold of a well company to come fix it. Three calls later and found one who could be out within the hour. Fortunately there wasn’t as much damage to the well but some broken pvc and of course the shattered concrete. The young men fixed it pretty quick and I came back later to insulate everything as our temperature was dropping down into the 20’s.

Two days later, we were back to help the guy who was moving the building. The young lady didn’t want to take the trailer lol. We loaded all the cement block and a few other odds and ends. Came back to our home and helped put block where the guy told us. She even started unloading the truck without being asked. She had to leave for school, so it was just the building mover and myself. He was under the building setting block and the building shifted! I had a four inch solid block in my hands when he hollered and moved fast, forgetting to drop the block. I did get behind a tree. We were both pretty shook up and he was very kind about giving me directions multiple times so I could put it in my phone. I did well until he left and then I lost my words and cognitive function.

I knew I couldn’t call around for the mobile home set up crew so sent a text to BH to do it. Then I called the very nice guy whose building our tractor shed. He said they’d be over as soon as their day was ended. They did come as promised and quickly built braces to keep the building from sliding more. I was afraid, very afraid, the dogs would get under it and knock a block getting stuck under the building. The man who moved it warned me not to let anyone or anything under the building and I couldn’t come up with a plan to do that so of course I called BH at work. I had to take a Sergey pill it was that bad.

Friday, I started a fire under the lawn mower with flames going up under it and up above it. I had the mower deck too low and the heat from the mower coupled with the dead leaves started it. Luckily, I backed up the mower and then flew to the lean-to for shovel and hoe. Took an hour or more to get the fire out, there’s no way to get water to where it started. Of course the wind had to pick up, because the week has been a bit of Murphy’s law for me. Only one passenger truck really slowed down but he or she saw I had it under control and moved on. Most of the big trucks slowed down passing the fire but not the passenger vehicles. It’s been a really rough week, I really hope yours went better! That’s my story, now for the important things, welcoming new members!

@Kevin_H starts us off this week. Kevin is up in New York and had a WEB used to repair his 7.5 mm aneurysm. He was having hearing issues when they found his aneurysm, I imagine with either an MRI or CT scan. He shares he did a lot of research after his diagnosis. Kevin is also an Engineer for his county, married to a “beautiful wife and three wonderful children”. We’re happy the aneurysm was found and hopefully obliterated! Please start a new topic or join in an existing one.

@Sihle is in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sihle’s 10 year old daughter died from a ruptured aneurysm 11 January 2024. Sihle has goals of getting more awareness in South Africa regarding Pediatric brain aneurysms. Like most of us, Sihle did know about brain aneurysms until her daughter ruptured. Sihle, we understand the loss of a loved one and the hardships it can bring, especially with one so young. We would love to help you out with our experiences. There are several members who are trying to get changes in their countries. Please start a new topic so we can give you some ideas.

@JackieR is in Alberta, Canada. Jackie had an incidental find of an aneurysm during an MRI for unrelated headaches and thought the brain aneurysm would just be monitored. When she met with the Neuro team on 17 Nov, they recommended treating it. She went in for her craniotomy 29 Nov. Jackie shares she and her family live in a mountain town and they love being outdoors! We are very happy to have you and hope to read more of your story. It’s important as many members will have a craniotomy and could learn a lot about your procedure and recovery process! Please help us out by starting a new topic!

@rbean is in Palm Beach County which I believe is in Florida. Rita is a friend of a woman who at 69 years old may have ruptured on 5 January. Rita shares her friend’s recovery is slow. The friend’s primary caregiver is 84 years old and does not drive. Rita shares they are worried about how to help Donna’s recovery, needing some encouragement and support on how to move forward. Rita, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Please start a new topic either under the General or Support tab. Most everyone of us know what you’re facing and we can certainly offer our experiences. It can be a long, hard road, make sure y’all take care of yourselves first and then Donna.

@ccr-4 has already started a new topic Side effects from a WEB coil procedure?. CR is out in Nevada and has been diagnosed with a 4mm berry aneurysm at the posterior tip of basilar artery. Two Neurosurgeons have said they’d both be comfortable to watch and wait or use a WEB device. CR is a bit stressed about either decision. Let’s help CR out by responding to the topic y’all!

@Kimoy is in Washington D.C. Kimoy was traveling in Europe with family when a sudden intense headache, weak legs,cold sweat and vomitting occured. They were on their way back to Paris for two nights and it seems there wasn’t a trip to the hospital, yikes! They did the 8 hour flight back home to D.C. and then a trip to the ER. They found a small bleed from an aneurysm. The angiogram showed a second aneurysm that was smaller but the ruptured one was coiled. Kimoy shares the family is a husband and three teenagers with one away at college. There’s also a Bernedoodle (yes, I had to look that up) and two cats. Kimoy most be very busy with the entire family and working as an architect/interior designer! Welcome Kimoy! We are happy to read you survived your rupture, it’s an amazing story! Please tell us more in a new topic! I’m also curious how big your pup is :joy:

@Barbylore just joined us! Down in Florida, Barbara had a craniotomy two and half weeks ago for an unruptured aneurysm in the M1segment. Unfortunately she’s experiencing anxiety and panic attacks now. We can share our experiences and what we do, just start a topic, join one, or use the small magnifying glass to do a search!

That’s the round up this week! Let’s help out our new members best we can. We look forward to everyone posting a new topic or responding to an existing one. Seems I’ve been doing a lot of closing old topics lately so watch the year it was made! Have a great, safe week everyone!

Your life is a bit too exciting for me @Moltroub

My big excitement was bringing the outdoor cat indoors and him being perfect inside. He’s in foster and ready for a forever home now


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That’s awesome Ms.Sharon! Although I imagine you gave him some pretty strict guidelines on acceptable behavior inside🤣