14 Aug 2023

I’ll spare you another skunk story, let’s just say I found it and disposed of it.:nauseated_face:

We had the inconvenience of a decent storm come through last week. Trees don’t always like storms any better than our younger of the two dogs, she demands a Benadryl at the first roll of thunder. A couple trees down, more limbs than would fit in the truck and trailer so I’m behind a bit. It took BH 2.5 hours to make a 20 minute trip home as some trees decided to break or fall across the street. There’s many positives - no one was seriously injured, no one’s home or vehicles we know suffered any major damage and we had enough rain to get the grass green, really green. Firewood and mulch is abundant in the county we live in and several around us. Though they won’t really be ready until next year, firewood needs to be dry, it just smokes too much when it’s green. We didn’t lose power for long, but it sure has me considering a generator for the whole house, going without power when one is on a well can be a bit aggravating. Experience has taught us to fill the tub so we can flush the toilet and always have enough drinking water available for everyone in the household, as well as a spare whole house water filter. Why there’s an increase in sediment from a well that goes down almost 300 ft, is beyond my understanding of geology since it sits high enough above the ground that surface run off isn’t getting into it, but there you have it, always happens and we always keep a spare.

Hopefully your week has been less eventful than ours has been…now we get to the good part, welcoming our newest members!

@Allison is up in Rhode Island. Her wife, Barbi just had a craniotomy for an aneurysm in right posterior communicating artery. They’re both wanting some support and I imagine have a good deal of questions for recovery, let’s help them out!

@Barb is in New Hampshire and has been recently diagnosed with a 2mm basilar tip aneurysm. Barb loves spending time with her family. We can help you with a list of questions you need to take with you to the appointment with the Neurosurgeon!

@Lovemyfam is over in Tennessee. Cheryl ruptured on July 12, 2023, had it coiled and was in ICU for two weeks. Cheryl’s a wife, a mom of three and a nurse. She loves to run and be active which I’m pretty sure the three kids keep her as busy as being a nurse.

Remember to join in any new topic, start your own, reach out to myself or @ModSupport if you need help navigating the site. Support happens when we help each other!

Never look back unless you are planning to go that way. ~Henry David Thoreau